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APR 2019

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– "Why wouldn't a designer only specify [LED lighting]?" she says. "We are very specific on lighting and make sure that the lighting is well designed." Additionally, many of the products Fisher specifies are ideal for aging-in-place needs. For example, she prefers T OTO toilets, as she can specify the correct height for her clients and "not everyone is the right height for a Universal Height Toilet." She is also diligent about making sure her clients' future mobility needs are met. "I always include blocking [for grab bars] in my bathrooms at tubs, showers and toilets; there is no option to not include the blocking. We clearly note it on the plans and, if our clients need it in the future, then we are set." MAINTAINING CONNECTIONS Fisher's process of getting to know her clients and their needs begins with a lifestyle questionnaire. "This questionnaire includes: who lives in the house, physical limitations, is their family expand- ing or contracting, sustainability quotient, how they grocery shop, how they entertain, do they recycle or compost, etc. [It] focuses on how they live in their home." The connections Fisher has formed with clients both past and present have served her business well. "My referral rate for the past three years has hovered around 83%. My marketing is based on follow-up with previous clients and being thorough on my current projects." She cites an anecdote about a former client who, although relocated to Tubac, AZ, hired Fisher to redesign the entire home after a fall left the person partially paralyzed. Contractor connections are also invaluable to Fisher's success, she believes. "I work closely with my contractors as a team player. We don't point fingers, but solve problems." ▪ When one of Robin Rigby Fisher's past clients needed a whole-home redesign in order to accommodate mobility issues following an accident, Fisher worked with the Tubac, AZ-based client to create luxuriously acces- sible spaces such as this master bath. 28 Kitchen & Bath Design News • April 2019 DESIGNER PROFILE B E S O C I A L | B E K N OW N | B E AW ES O M E w w w . t h e p e r f e c t s i x . c o m ( 4 8 4 ) 7 2 5 - 6 0 2 3 C o n t a c t D e n i s e G r o t h o u s e f o r d e t a i l s . T H E FA C E O F MARKETING MODERN Pe r fe c t S i x w i l l c raa c l e ve r l y d e s i g n e d s o c i a l m e d i a p o st s t h at i m p ro ve yo u r b ra n d i d e nn t y a n d p re s e nt yo u r u n i q u e ta l e nt s to yo u r ta rge t a u d i e n c e . We a l s o i n c l u d e a o n e n m e S EO a n a l ys i s a n d u p g ra d e to yo u r we b s i te . Pa c ka ge i n c l u d e s co m p l e te m a n a ge m e nt o f : $ 1 , 5 0 0 p e r m o $ 1 , 5 0 0 p e r m o nt h T h i s offe r i s l i m i te d to t h e fi rst 1 0 re s p o n d e nt s We m a n a ge yo u r s o c i a l m e d i a s o yo u ca n fo c u s o n yo u r b u s i n e s s . Cost $1,500 per month. Requires a one-year contract commitment. FOR THE KITCHEN INDUSTRY SOCIAL MEDIA PACKAGE FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM HOUZZ PINTEREST " We a re a n A wa rd W i n n i n g , t r u ste d M a r ken n g C o m p a ny e sta b l i s h e d b y a B u s i n e s s O w n e r fo r to d ay 's B u s i n e s s O w n e r." - D e n i s e G ro t h o u s e , Fo u n d e r Circle No. 16 on Product Card

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