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MAR 2019

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Part of its next-generation NEO- REST Collection, TOTO's Flotation Tub includes Zero Dimension Technology, a zero-gravity state achieved with body positioning. Massage jets are placed strategical- ly, and the Neck Spa, an adjustable pillow, increases stability while also releasing water. LED lighting furthers the concept of floating. Circle No. 176 on Product Card The Veil Lighted Freestanding Bath from Kohler features integrated lighting adjustable for task, guide and ambiance that can work off of circadian rhythms. The user controls color temperature and brightness. There are four lighting control options: Motion Sensor Activation, Remote Control, App Control and Voice Control. Circle No. 175 on Product Card NK Woodworking & Design has released the Lotus Bathtub Collec- tion. Shown in Sapele Mahogany, the lotus shape of the bath and generous depth give the user a luxurious soaking experience, notes the company. Designer Nathie Katzoff has used his boat-building background to create the complete- ly water-tight bath. Circle No. 178 on Product Card The Escape Series by Bestbath features walk-in tubs with soothing hydrotherapy, the safety of a grab bar, super-low entry with non-skid floor and quick-drain technology. The line includes three sizes, with options including soaker, air/water jet or microbubbles. Circle No. 177 on Product Card Nela, a two-piece seamless, acrylic freestanding tub, is one of the new- est designs available from Clarke Products. Featuring a contemporary style, the tub is 24" high, allowing the bather to completely immerse to the neck for a deep soak. Circle No. 180 on Product Card The Medicis weathered copper tub by Herbeau is handcrafted from 12-gauge copper, the result of hundreds of hours of handiwork by the company's artisans. The freestanding tub, available with a polished Copper or Pewter plated interior, is generously sized for two and features a 55-gallon capacity. Circle No. 179 on Product Card The Vita Series sauna is among the newest additions to the Finnleo lineup of Designer Series rooms. The personal sauna provides high- end design and heat in a limited space. The sauna is designed for use with the Piccolo rock tower heater with BWT. Circle No. 182 on Product Card The Aston Laurel 66" Asymmetric Oval Acrylic Freestanding Tub is designed to give bathers a deep, soothing soak. The user can recline on a high and broadly curved back- rest. The tub is fashioned from cast acrylic, reinforced with fiberglass and mounted on a stainless-steel frame, and its double-walled con- struction provides heat retention. Circle No. 181 on Product Card LUXURIOUS WELLNESS Though demand for soaking tubs may exceed that of jetted tubs, consum- ers still want to pamper themselves at home. Manufacturers are offering a range of innovative therapeutic options that promote relaxation, relief for sore muscles and healthier skin. "Many people are actively involved in self-care and are looking to improve their health and wellness through water…therefore, technology is being incor- porated into hydrotherapy products in a lot of interesting ways," Pien remarks. Kornowa explains that there are two relatively new technologies offering unique therapeutic benefits to users: stream bath and microbubbles. Stream bath moves water gently through vents on both sides and at the foot end of the tub, so instead of direct impact on the body, a gentle swirl of water sur- rounds the bather, evoking the feel of sitting in a forest stream. "The trickling sound of the water is extremely therapeutic, and some have told me they find it even more therapeutic than the actual flow of the water," Kornowa says. Microbubble technology promotes health and beauty, Kornowa states. The billions of microbubbles in the water exfoliate and hydrate the skin, leaving it soft and supple, he continues. CLEAN & CONTEMPORARY While preferred tub shapes vary, a clear trend toward a clean, minimalist look means that neutral colors still dominate the market. "Both white and off-white shades continue to be popular for bath- tubs because they provide a clean look and suit the overall design trend towards minimalist, contemporary styling," says Pien. Installation type has some impact on tub shape selected, manufactur- ers point out. "Clean-lined rectangles and ovals seem to rule the drop-in space, with the more decorative freestanding ovals being used as state- ment pieces," Moir says. Clarke sees the most common shape as skirted tubs, which tend to be very modern and contemporary. These tubs have no adornment, flat fronts and functional interiors, he adds. INCORPORATING ACCESSIBILITY With an aging population, designers must balance homeowners' desire for options and style with the need for tubs that are accessible without looking institutional. Bourgeois says that people are looking for ways to adapt as they age but are still looking for trendy solutions, such as a lower height tub, or reinforcing the tub walls to allow for future grab bars. Products that incorporate "thoughtful design" benefit all consumers, believes Moir. "Integrating a wider entry ledge or a grab bar that also works as a shelf can help the consumer feel comfortable without feeling that it is a neon sign saying 'I need a little help,'" she says. March 2019 • 71

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