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MAR 2019

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The iSteam3 steam shower control from MrSteam is an LCD touch screen panel for the home steam shower, enabling the bather to control temperature, duration, AromaSteam, ChromaSteam3 and AudioSteam3. Users can control functions from their smartphone with the free SteamLinx App. Circle No. 155 on Product Card The freestanding Muse bathtub by Kos is an oval-shaped tub with a contem- porary, sculptural feel. Ergonomically designed with a smaller silhouette, the tub is fashioned from Silkstone, which is pleasing to the touch, according to the firm. Circle No. 156 on Product Card The forma Collection of tubs from Jason International features hydro- therapy choices, as well as chromather- apy, Sound Immersion and Automatic Ozone Systems. Ergonomically designed, the tubs include flow-ad- justable, directional jets on whirlpool baths. Shown is the Hannah series. Circle No. 157 on Product Card Produits Neptune features an array of massage systems, including Whirlpool, Mass-Air and Activ-Air, notes the firm. To maximize the sensation of well-be- ing, these systems can be combined in one tub, and a heated backrest or a Tonic option can be added, as well as chromatherapy, the company adds. Circle No. 158 on Product Card Piscataway, NJ. "To meet that demand, we are focusing on products that include deep-massaging air bath systems with customizable settings and mood-enhancing chromatherapy, which can promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing." Bathtubs aren't the only product rising in popularity in bathroom de- sign; the installation of home sauna rooms is also on the rise. In fact, John Gunderson, national sales manager for Amerec in Woodinville, WA says tubs are sometimes being removed to create space for steam and sauna options. Whatever the therapy selected, a clean, minimalist design and the ability to create a personal experience is key. Freestanding tubs are in high demand, and a range of luxurious options exists to create the precise atmosphere desired. So say manufacturers recently surveyed by Kitchen & Bath Design News. CUSTOM FEATURES With the busy lives people lead, bathing is a luxury, and users want an experience custom tailored to their needs that will leave them feeling pampered and relaxed. Because that means something different for every person, myriad features that can be personalized to specific needs are key. Lynn Schrage, marketing manager at Kohler in Kohler, WI says the ability to personalize the bathing experience is in high demand, stating, "Hydrotherapies have found a creative pairing with freestanding baths, mid the hectic hustle and bustle of daily routines, the idea of self- care and wellness is emerging as an essential part of a well-bal- anced life. That's why, more and more often, homeowners are turning their bathroom spaces – particularly the master – into personal sanctuaries where they can relax and recharge. Heat and hydro- therapy products are central to the creation of these personal refuges. "Bathtubs in general are rising strongly. This is in direct correlation to the wellness trend, which is extremely strong and continues to grow on a global basis," says Michael Kornowa, director of marketing at MTI Baths, Inc. in Sugar Hill, GA. "People are recognizing the therapeutic value of bathtubs. This includes soaking tubs, whirlpools and air baths, as well as a variety of sensory therapies that can be combined with the various hydrotherapies. Apart from being viewed as a luxurious escape, bathtubs are being perceived for their therapeutic value and as an integral part of people's pursuit of holistic wellness." These home retreats must be set up to exact consumer specifications, creating demand for a wide range of options. "We know that homeowners are increasingly interested in creating their own spa-inspired wellness space in the home and there are a variety of products with personalized hydrotherapy functions on the market today designed to meet these consumer demands," says Katty Pien, chief marketing officer at LIXIL Americas, home to American Standard brands and DXV, based in Hydrotherapy options allow designers to create custom experiences for homeowners with jetted tubs, saunas, soaking tubs and innovative sensory experiences. BY ELIZABETH RICHARDS Restorative Refuge A 68 Kitchen & Bath Design News • March 2019 PRODUCT TREND REPORT

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