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MAR 2019

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Diaz-Velasco, adds, "Tile can function in an accent role, or be used as field tile…or both. Geometric layouts, metal inserts and three-dimensional forms are best suited for an accent wall. However, large, thin slabs of porcelain tile that emulate natural stones or metal textures can form the floors and walls to set a cohesive and dramatic backdrop for the rest of the design." Manuel Hernandez, owner/designer, Troo Designs in Austin, TX, notes that tile helps set the tone for a master bath. "It's the background for everything used within the space," he says. Many designers, including Sarah Steinberg and Jenika Kurtz Cuadra, love working with the virtually limitless array of patterns, colors, textures, shapes and sizes. "There are so many tile options out there right now," says Steinberg, principal/owner, Steinberg Custom Designs in Cumberland, ME. "And there are a million ways to put all of them together. Tile is such a great creative outlet for everyone right now." Cuadra, of J. Kurtz Design in Los Angeles, CA, agrees. "Tile is a great material," she says. "There are a lot of options and price points, and it can make so many statements. One thing I love about working with tile is putting all the pieces together, includ- ing the finish details such as trim pieces and corner boards, and seeing how everything fits. It's like putting together a puzzle." TRENDING USES Tile is often considered standard in showers and on floors; Steinberg notes that her clients won't even consider a remodel unless it has a tiled shower. "Tiled showers are the number one thing clients ask for," she says. "Absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, regardless of budget, people want a tiled shower. They have accepted that a shower is part of their morning routine, and they really want it to be easy, beautiful and fun." Designers also routinely extend the tile beyond the shower and onto other walls, either completely covering them with a monochromatic palette or creating focal-point or accent walls with tile in a contrasting color or texture. "Doing an accent wall or nook with a different tile pattern keeps the bathroom from looking too monotonous," says Tyler. "It brings a spark of life to the room and makes it feel more like a spa." Tyler has designed some spaces with enough wall tile to be considered borderline wet rooms, such as one bath where she sheathed all the walls with a neutral gray tile, highlighting them with blue tile behind the vanity. In another master bath- room, white field tile was contrasted with a vibrant turquoise blue Moroccan tile that serves as a focal point and grabs atten- tion behind the vanity. The designer repeated the colorful tile in the shower and water closet. "When my client hired me, she already had the tile," she relates. "She loved it, but she wasn't sure how to use it. As we talked through the project, we focused on the vanity wall, which is what you see when you first walk in. We thought it Metal inserts are trending with many of Sandra Diaz-Velasco's clients, such as this one who wanted gold mosaics as a backsplash in the master bath vanity area. Kristine Tyler has designed some bathroom spaces with enough wall tile to be considered borderline wet rooms, such as this bath where she sheathed all the walls in a neutral gray tile, highlighting them with blue tile behind the vanity. Using tile to accent a wall is a trending application for many of Tyler's clients. In this master bath, the designer used a vibrant turquoise Moroccan tile that captures attention behind the vanity as well as in the shower and toilet areas. Textured tile, such as this three-dimensional wave tile, is becom- ing a more frequent request for Tyler's clients. Here she combined it with on-trend blues and greens and classic white to create a spa environment where her clients can unwind at the end of a busy day. Photo: Eugenio Willman Photo: Snowberry Lane Photography Photo: Snowberry Lane Photography March 2019 • 63

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