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MAR 2019

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RANDY O'KANE, CKD/SENIOR DESIGNER BILOTTA KITCHENS — MAMARONECK, NY Glassos Nano White glass (island, perimeter) Spekva Prima heart ash (island table) Texture was an overriding premise for this kitchen, where O'Kane included glass for the perimeter and island countertops and wood for the attached seating area, complemented with a limestone backsplash and textured wallpaper. "It's really a play on using different textures, combining shiny and smooth with rough," she explains. As the main work surface, glass offers additional benefits of being very easy to clean, which was an important consideration for the homeowner. The color and reflectivity of the glass also play a role in the design, offering a way to keep the space light and bright. "White is a fantastic color to use in a kitchen," says O'Kane. "Everything you put on it stands out, so even a bowl of fruit or a vase of flowers becomes a focal point." The raised circular wood table, which sits atop a sculptural base, provides in-kitchen seating. "A lot of times people want to be able to sit in the kitchen when someone is cooking," she says. Since this kitchen is narrow, the designer lengthened the island to accommodate a few stools and fill some footprint space that would have otherwise been wasted. "The table is a cool detail that offers aesthetic and functional purposes," she concludes. CHLOË RIDEOUT, LEAD INTERIOR DESIGNER CUMMINGS ARCHITECTS — IPSWICH, MA Spruce planks, constructed on site by Windhill Builders (island) Absolute black granite, leathered (perimeter) When it came to designing the renovated kitchen in this historic 1730s house, Rideout focused on creating a space that respected the age of the property while incorporating modern-day ameni- ties. With additional direction provided from a desire to achieve a natural look, material selection focused on natural and rustic materials, such as the wood and granite countertops comple- mented with traditional textured plaster and a salvaged barn door that leads to the pantry. Although the spruce planks for the island are new-growth wood, custom blending the gel stain created a color that works with the posts from the original timber frame construction, into which the island intersects. "We didn't want the color of the island to conflict with the color of the timbers," she explains. While spruce is more affordable than other woods such as white oak, it is a softer material, Rideout notes. As such, two coats of Waterlox were added after staining. "It will still go through wear and tear over time," she says. "But it will be protected for longer." As a complement to the wood, the leathered granite offers a 'softer' texture, compared to polished finishes. "The leathered texture without a sheen certainly gives the material a more natu- ral feel," she adds. Category: GLASS, WOOD, METAL Photos: Bilotta Kitchens Photo: Eric Roth Photography 54 Kitchen & Bath Design News • March 2019 SURFACING PROFILES

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