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MAR 2019

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MARIO ROMANO, DESIGNER/DIGITAL FABRICATOR M.R. WALLS — SANTA MONICA, CA Dupont Corian Glacier White (island); Walnut (island bar top) Romano routinely works with Corian for anything from a rel- atively expected surface material such as a countertop to the more unusual floor, wall, cabinet, stairs or more, for interiors and exteriors. "The material is incredibly expressive," he says. "Its only limitations are a designer's fluency." In this kitchen, the designer showcased the material in the nearly 18'-long countertop as well as the nearby stairs, choosing Glacier White for its timelessness. "Because of Corian's seamless properties, we were able to create the long, sleek and totally modern island with sev- eral sheets that we bonded together as one for a super flat, seamless surface that is incredibly easy to clean," he says, adding that its properties also gave him the ability to integrate wireless phone charging capabilities so the homeowners can simply set their phone on the countertop when it needs to be charged. Its waterfall edge enhances aesthetics and adds a robust- ness to protect against damage from chairs, knees, etc., while its walnut bar top encourages informal dining. "People often gather in the kitchen, which has become the central hub of the home," he says. "The bar top creates a more casual dining experience, bringing everyone together in one central place." Photo: Jason Speth METALLIC ACCENTS Many displays glittered with striking metal-effect tiles, often used as accents among small-for- mat wall tiles. One notable ex- ample of this trend is the Figures collection by Natucer, which features porcelain extruded tiles with geometric forms that can be arranged in multiple eye-catching configurations. TEXTURE The show was a delight for not only the eyes, but also the hands, as many of the surfaces boasted fascinating textures that invited the viewer to experience the product through both sight and touch. The Surf option from Apari- ci's Jacquard collection, for example, catches the eye with elegant raised waves that evoke the surface of the sea. NATURAL MATERIAL IMITATIONS Ceramic designed to deliver convincing facsimiles of nat- ural materials such as wood and stone were widespread at the show, with warm wood-look bath and shower surfaces of particular note. The new FLUID collection from Tau Ceramica includes wood-look products such as Brest (pic- tured), as well as stone-look surfaces such as Roadstone. Photo: FLUID Collection by Tile of Spain company Tau Ceramica Photo: TFigures Collection by Tile of Spain company Natucer Photo: Jacquard Collection by Tile of Spain company Aparici March 2019 • 53

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