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MAR 2019

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Of course gray is also still trending high, with 76.4% of those polled citing it as a hot choice with their clients. Brown, taupe and other earth shades are considered desirable by 38.2% of survey respondents, while 28.2% see black as a hot kitchen countertop color. Classic colors never go out of style, but bling is seeing a bit of a resurgence as well, with 14.4% of those surveyed saying metallics are hot for kitchen countertops right now, while nearly 20% are going bolder with colors, favoring countertop shades of blue (9.5%), green (6.5%) and red/terracotta (3.2%). What else is trending? Mixing and matching of surfacing materials remains in vogue, with 59.6% of dealers and de- signers saying they "frequently" mix two or more countertop materials in their kitchen projects (see Graph 3). Reasons cited ranged from aesthetics to budget to added functionality. But while the mix-and-match trend remains strong, design- ers surveyed say clients seem less passionate about choosing environmentally friendly countertops than in the past, with only 6.8% saying this is "very important" to them, and more than half saying it's "not very important" (45%) or "not im- portant at all" to them (9.1%). Another 39.1% say that choos- ing a kitchen countertop with green properties is "somewhat important" to their clients (see Graph 4). INVESTMENT SAVVY The value of countertops can be seen in consumers' increas- ing willingness to invest in these materials, with less expen- sive materials trending downward as homeowners look to designers to help them select countertops that will be both durable and beautiful. To that end, more than half of those polled invest 10-20% of their clients' kitchen budget (55.9%) in countertops, with another 29.1% saying that countertops account for 20-40% of the project budget. Additionally, 7.3% note that their clients spend as much as 41-60% of their overall budget on the coun- tertops (see Graph 5). Their willingness to invest in countertops might be related to their view that countertops add both beauty and function to the kitchen; indeed, when asked whether their clients were more interested in aesthetics or durability/function/ease of maintenance, more than three quarters of those polled (77.7%) said their clients valued both equally. ▪ 2 INTEREST IN KITCHEN COUNTERTOP COLORS White/Cream Gray Brown/Taupe/ Earth tones Black Metallic Blue Green Red/ Terracotta 93.2% 76.4% 38.2% 28.2% 14.4% 9.5% 5.5% 3.2% 3 PERCENTAGE OF DEALERS WHO FREQUENTLY MIX AND MATCH MATERIALS Yes No 59.6% 40.4% 4 IMPORTANCE OF ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY COUNTERTOPS TO CLIENTS Very Important Not Important at All Somewhat Important Not Very Important 39.1% 45% 9.1% 6.8% 5 PERCENT OF KITCHEN REMODELING BUDGETS SPENT ON COUNTERTOPS 10-20% 61+% 21-40% Less than 10% 41-60% 55.9% 29% 6.8% 7.3% 0.9% March 2019 • 45

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