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Roberts also used stainless steel legs on the island, which is partially topped with wood. "This kitchen offers textural elements in a lot of different ways," he says, "such as different colors, different sheens, different materials and different backsplashes. There is a lot going on, but it all works." FOCAL-POINT TEXTURE Swidler's clients often gravitate toward contemporary designs, so she likes to focus on backsplashes as a way to add texture. "I like a funky backsplash," she says, "something that's a little different." Porcelain tiles, especially those that are handmade, are cur- rently a popular material choice, as are cement tiles. The latter serves as a distinctive focal point on the island in a recent project created with masculine overtones for a bachelor client. "There isn't a traditional backsplash [behind a range] because of the floating island," she says, noting the appliance's central location. "So we used cement tile on the back of the wall of the island. It creates another dimension, especially with the lighting we added." The island also features a rustic bar top, which is another way that Swidler likes to bring texture into a space. In this kitchen, she juxtaposed the slightly raised walnut top against sleek, light- er-colored quartz, which serves as the kitchen's main work sur- face. The dark wood complements the rest of the kitchen, which showcases rich walnut cabinetry throughout, and contrasts against the maple floors that were stained in a lighter tone. Cement tile on the island served as the focal point in this kitchen that Ali Swidler designed for a bachelor client. The island also features a rustic bar top juxtaposed against sleek quartz, which complements the walnut cabinetry Photos: Sophie Epton Photography February 2019 • 71

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