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Maintaining a consistent voice across all of her social channels and blog necessitates the use of an editorial calendar and careful organization. "[I post on] Instagram as early as possible in the mornings. I also link these posts to Facebook and Twitter. I use a social dashboard to create the posts for some of my channels. I keep a digital record of topics that I refer back to after so many months because readers are always changing, therefore my topics can repeat but be altered slightly so I am not being redundant…I prob- ably spend 15-20 hours a week on social media." She adds, "However, client work must come first, and you have to figure out ways to work the social media in so that it doesn't take away from your main work." Finally, Mende says, it is crucial to remember that social media is a form of networking above all. "Always remem- ber: It is social: Use good manners and respect others. Post with dignity and always think about what you have to offer others. It will always come back to you threefold." ▪ LISA MENDE Instagram: @lisamendedesign Twitter: @LisaMendeDesign Pinterest: @lisa_mende Facebook: @LisaMendeDesign Charlotte, NC-based designer and blogger Lisa Mende's influence spans multiple social media platforms. Mende's bold, southern-flavored designs and curated collection of inspirational materials, as well as her bright and engaging blog, have attracted a vast following. "I think Instagram and Pinterest are both major social channels a designer should currently utilize," Mende shares. "That being said, my blog 'Lisa Mende Design' has played a key role in build- ing my brand and positioning me as an influencer in our industry." She began blogging in 2011 during a sabbatical from the industry due to a tragic personal loss. "I often wondered if my followers felt sorry for me and so followed me for support, but then I realized I had a voice and something to share that others might find meaningful," she recalls. "Blogging isn't about what I'm doing, it is about sharing information freely with others. If you can offer a service to others without cost, people will gravitate to you." Mende's blog features a wide variety of content, including com- mentary on current trends, coverage of industry events and project before-and-afters, as well as book reviews and giveaways. Becoming an industry influencer is not just about gain- ing followers on social media, Mende advises. "An influenc- er is someone others look to for information. No one starts out as an influencer – an influencer evolves over time. One must attend markets both domestically and internationally to gain knowledge of their industry. It is knowledge that cre- ates the influence, then sharing that knowledge with others creates a reciprocal relationship between the influencer and the industry." In addition to sharing her industry knowledge, a great deal of Mende's effort on social media and on her blog is focused on maintaining an authentic, honest voice. "I never post about people or products I don't believe in," she says. "My vetting process for working with brands is what keeps me authentic…I only work with brands I believe in and use in my projects or even in my own home. My readers know this, so it has built credibility for me. I think my authenticity is apparent, and followers, as well as potential clients, feel this in the way I share content and promote products or people on my blog or social channels." " My vetting process for working with brands is what keeps me authentic…I only work with brands I believe in and use in my projects or even in my own home." —Lisa Mende Lisa Mende often gives shoutouts and support to other designers. Mende covers industry events such as showroom openings in her social media and blog. Courtesy of Lisa Mende Design; Photo by Griffin Hart Davis Courtesy of Lisa Mende Design February 2019 • 67

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