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CLEARWATER BEACH, FL — It isn't nec- essarily unusual for tweaks to be made at various points during a kitchen remodel or new construction project. But this Clearwater Beach home took a drastic departure from the original plan when the homeowners decided to keep the residence and live in it themselves rather than sell it as an investment as initially proposed. "They bought the property and tore down the house with the intention of building a new one that they were going to sell," says Andrew Halliwell, designer, Signature Kitchens, in Lake Mary, FL. "But they ended up falling in love with the house, and about midway through the build, they decided to finish it for themselves!" That's when Halliwell came on board and helped the homeowners redirect their efforts to incorporate materials and design elements that better suited their personality and living style. JUXTAPOSING STYLES One of their first decisions was to ground the space with SieMatic cabinetry from the company's Classic style collection. It high- lights a juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary styling via its dark Terra Larix wood-look laminate cabinets, which feature a modern slab door mixed with high-gloss white lacquer cabinets that showcase a contrasting traditional door style. "She really likes [SieMatic's] Classic look," he says. "It offers a nod toward traditional with the door style, but the high-gloss lacquer brings it back to a contemporary aesthetic that complements the wood slabs. Everything works together!" Halliwell accented the cabinetry with various accessories, including glass for the upper display cabinets in the niche next to the cooking area. The designer framed the doors with polished stainless trim, repeat- ing it as the toekick for the laminate base cabinets and main island. Polished stainless also highlights the recessed channels that provide access to the handle-free laminate cabinetry. To emulate the reflective look of the white cabinets, Halliwell chose polished nickel hardware. These polished metal accents all coordinate with the room's focal point…the massive 9' mir- rored-finish custom SieMatic ventilation hood that takes center stage in the space. "The hood is such a huge focal point that we wanted to make sure the rest of the kitchen incorporated into it," he says. "While there were many changes in the space, the hood was never a compromise. She loves it!" While the hood certainly adds to the room's aesthetics, Halliwell's clients do enjoy cooking for their large, extended family. "She cooks all the time, and her family is always over," he says. "She definitely uses the kitchen." To support her cooking needs, the space also includes two Miele ovens and several Miele CombiSet appliances, such as dual induction cooktops, a gas cooktop and a teppanyaki grill. "She has all different kinds of cooking surfaces to work with, all tailored to her and the way she likes to cooks," he notes. To further enhance cooking efficiency, and to better utilize otherwise wasted wall space, Halliwell added recessed niches to each side of the cooking area so his client can have easy access to frequently used oils and spices. New Kitchen Takes a Personal Turn BY KIM BERNDTSON When homeowners fell in love with a house they originally intended to sell, this Florida designer helped redirect their efforts to create a space well suited for their living style. Photos: Rickie Agapito, Aofotos 9' VENTILATION HOOD Serves as a stunning focal point for the space DUAL ISLANDS Support multiple functions, including those related to food prep and entertaining CONTRASTING CABINETRY Juxtaposes light and dark, contemporary and traditional 42 Kitchen & Bath Design News • February 2019 PROJECT CASE STUDY SPOTLIGHT ON CREATIVE, PROBLEM-SOLVING KITCHENS AND BATHS Continued

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