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INDIANAPOLIS — American homeowners are digging deeper into their wallets as budgets continue to expand for kitchen remodels, amid a shifting landscape for material preferences and technology integrations. That's among the key findings of the latest "Delta Brand Homeowner Index," an annual survey that tracks renovation, design and purchase habits among American homeowners. Launched in 2017, the Index – based on a survey of 2,000 U.S. homeowners – is aimed at tracking consumer behav- ior with respect to the home. The survey was conducted by Wakefield Research, an independent research firm commis- sioned by the Delta brand. According to the Delta Index, whose results were released late last year, surveyed homeowners are willing to pay an average of $17,172 for a kitchen remodel, up from $13,859 the previous year. While homeowner budgets seem to be rising, however, the goal for remodeling can vary based on the length of homeownership, according to Susan Fisher, v.p./market- ing for the Indianapolis-based Delta Faucet Company. For example, homeowners who have owned their home for less than five years (36%) focus more on the resale value of the remodel compared to those (30%) who have owned their home for five years or more. According to the survey, Fisher noted, "homeowners strive to implement modern design that combines style, functionality and technology. In fact, a majority of homeown- ers (68%) agree it's important to consider 'smart' products, such as Bluetooth systems and voice-activated devices, when making home-design decisions." "Homeowners believe smart home products (39%) will be the most prevalent trend in home design in the next 10 years, more so than sustainable materials (24%) and prod- ucts that are customized (19%)," Fisher observed. Other notable findings revealed by the Delta Brand Homeowner Index include: • Solid Choices. Incorporating different tex- tures in the home is a key for many consumers. Among the textures homeowners find appeal- ing, tile, marble and granite (71%) lead over wood (57%), glass (34%) and soft materials (31%). • Back in Black. Designing a home comes with end- less choices, one of the most important being finish. Interestingly, parents (24%) are more likely to choose Matte Black finishes than non-parents (15%). Matte Black is also more popular among Millennials, compared to Gen Xers and Boomers, the Delta survey revealed. • Return on Investment. The satisfaction of a custom- ized home is an important benefit of remodeling, but it can also provide financial incentive. Aside from cost, 32% of surveyed homeowners – up from 24% the previous year – consider the resale value that a remod- el will add to be the most important factor to consider when making a decision, the Delta survey found. ▪ Kitchen Budgets Expanding, Survey Reveals Consumers want their kitchens to incorporate different textures, with marble particularly popular, as seen in this award-winning kitchen designed by Julie Evans of JEI Design, which features Bardiglio marble as a focal point. Photo: Ryann Ford Photography 14 Kitchen & Bath Design News • February 2019 CONSUMER BUYING TRENDS DEMOGRAPHICS & BUYING PATTERNS FOR THE HOME PUBLISHING SOLA GROUP, INC. 1880 OAK AVE., SUITE 350 EVANSTON, IL 60201 (847) 440-3000 Paul DeGrandis Publisher, ext. 100 Eliot Sefrin Publisher Emeritus, ext. 113 SALES WEST Paul DeGrandis Ext. 100 NORTHEAST Dan Miklosz Ext. 118 SOUTHEAST Dan Agostinacchio Ext. 101 MIDWEST Jessica Fidrocki Ext. 117 MIDWEST Zach Stenberg Ext. 115 PRODUCT & LITERATURE SHOWCASE/CLASSIFIED ADS Mike Serino Ext. 102 EDITORIAL Janice Anne Costa Editor, ext. 116 Anita Shaw Managing Editor, ext. 112 Autumn McGarr Associate Editor, ext. 104 SUBSCRIPTIONS Kitchen & Bath Design News Circulation Dept. P.O. Box 3007 Northbrook, IL 60065-3007 (866) 932-5904 ®

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