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JAN 2019

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brand name to encourage a greater focus on form and function rather than manufacturer, and to promote a cleaner visual with less of the clutter often associated with brand advertising. Several displays are also 'live,' such as the one that show- cases 50 operable showerheads and handshowers controlled by a Crestron system. "Customers can walk in and test any of the showerheads," he says. "Without a doubt, those fixtures are tested every day." Another popular 'live' display that receives daily attention and use features 25 kitchen faucets, including those with touch and motion-sense technologies. "We want customers to be able to feel the handles and pull out the faucets, just like they would in their own kitchens," Mecca continues. The showroom also features several operable jetted tubs that can help customers understand the differences between air and whirlpool jets. Chromatherapy and aromatherapy options for tubs and showers are on display as well, as is BainUltra's Vedana care unit, which combines thermotherapy, chromatherapy, light therapy, aromatherapy and sound thera- py into a single unit for the shower. "It's one of our showcase pieces," he says, in reference to the Vedana. "With a showroom of this size, people expect to see 'wow' pieces. Regardless of whether or not someone ultimately chooses a high-end product such as this one, it can draw people into the showroom and help start a conversation that goes beyond asking, 'Can I help you?' which usually results in a, 'No, I'm just looking' response. It can open up the opportunity to have a more meaningful discussion," he explains. Technology is also an important part of the showroom. Four 55" TVs are positioned throughout, one of which also in- cludes a table and chairs for meeting with clients and review- ing specifications. A second Crestron system controls lighting and music, which plays continually in the background. Visitors are also encouraged to test how 'smart' features controlled via smartphones – such as steam showers, chromatherapy/aroma- therapy options, etc. – can fit into their lives. "We designed the showroom to inspire, thus the name… INSPIRE," Mecca concludes. INSPIRE KITCHEN AND BATH Reno, NV What's next? That question was a guiding premise behind the design of Western Nevada Supply's new 8,000-sq.-ft. INSPIRE kitchen and bath showroom, opened in 2016 to complement the company's two existing showrooms in Truckee, CA and Carson City, NV. "We wanted to entice visitors [to think] about what's next… about what is just around the corner," says Jeff Mecca, show- room manager. That concept starts with displays that feature high-end decorative kitchen and bath plumbing fixtures that are visible from the street through the large glass windows that fully flank two sides of the building. "We often have people tell us they were driving by on the main boulevard, saw the vignettes and wanted to stop in to see more," he says. "That's where it starts…with the 'wow' factor displays and street exposure." The anticipation continues once visitors open the door and are greeted at the front reception desk with beverages and snacks before they are encouraged to continue further into the show- room, which has been designed for comfortable flow and easy navigation. At its heart is an array of displays, including at least 25 tubs, 30 toilets, 200 sinks and 20 vanities. Some faucets are presented in illuminated 'cases' that make them seem like jew- elry in a jewelry store. Many of the products are displayed sans Clients can review specifications with designers at INSPIRE Kitchen and Bath at this large table, nestled within one of the kitchen displays. Visitors to the INSPIRE showroom are often enticed by the high- end decorative kitchen and bath plumbing fixtures that are visible from the street through the large glass windows. Several displays within the INSPIRE Kitchen and Bath showroom are 'live,' such as the one that showcases 50 operable showerheads and handshowers controlled by a Crestron system. Photos: INSPIRE Kitchen and Bath 46 Kitchen & Bath Design News • January 2019 PORTFOLIO Continued

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