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JAN 2019

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inclined to have more modern clients than the middle of the country," Pentic believes. Through conversations with industry colleagues located throughout the country, Pentic explains, she has learned that it is far more difficult to create modern cabinet lines in the middle of the country, where people are still drawn to a more traditional or transi- tional aesthetic. So what does a typical Knocknock client look like? According to Pentic, her typical clients are affluent families, many of whom are quite young. These clients are often well-edu- cated and enjoy traveling, and have the means to gather design inspiration from all over the globe. These clients are generally very active on social media and inspiration sites such as Houzz and Pinterest. In fact, Pentic credits Houzz with garnering approximately 30-35 percent of her clients. "When people get on Houzz, that means they're actually ready to remodel. It sort of weeds out the people who are just randomly looking versus people who are actually planning a remodel sometime in the next year." BUILDING CONNECTIONS For Pentic, building relationships with local craftspeople is a necessity in order to create custom cabinetry or source quality modular products. To a certain extent, Pentic credits her previous career as a production manager in the garment industry with teaching her how to cultivate productive relationships with new vendors and craftspeople. "Being able to just go out there and talk to factory owners and review the facility and understand how we can collaborate together – I think that's priceless," she remarks. Positive relationships within adjacent industries have also benefited Pentic. "[A portion of my business] comes from colleagues in the industry like architects and contractors – people I've worked with in the past who have had a good experience with me and they don't necessarily special- ize [in kitchens and baths]. I have friends who are amazing at designing the whole house, but they really don't want to figure out where the forks [are supposed to] go. And they also know I'm kind of a cabinet nerd because of my industry experience. They just tell me, 'Well, here's where the kitchen is. Go figure out the details and then I'll take it from there.'" Of course, organically building client connections is also key. "Probably another 30 percent [of my business] comes from old clients referring me to new clients," she says. "So word of mouth is always huge because these are big, expensive projects, and people want to trust somebody they're working with. Getting a referral from a neighbor or a friend or some- body who has had a bit of experience working with me is always huge. And it creates a level of trust before you even sell yourself to them as a potential professional." ▪ This update of an iconic Eichler home kitchen boasts cabinets from Mod Cabinetry, quartz countertops and a fireclay backsplash. This bold kitchen renovation and expansion required the demolition of an adjacent laundry room, and features painted glass upper cabinets in aluminum frames. The homeowner of this bathroom remodel project was stuck mid-planning and was unimpressed with the proposals from her cabinet maker. Pentic stepped in to redesign the cabinets and specify tiles and other fixtures. Photo: Olga Soboleva Photo: Olga Soboleva Photo: Olga Soboleva 30 Kitchen & Bath Design News • January 2019 DESIGNER PROFILE

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