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Sietto's Skyline pull, available in 5" and 8" lengths, combines glass and metal in an architectural style. The metal is boxy and stretches across the thick glass that rises above. The pull is available in clear, white and iridescent black glass, with polished chrome, polished nickel, satin nickel or satin brass metal. Circle No. 168 on Product Card Haniburton's four cabinet pull sizes from Schaub & Co. offer a twist on the classic, Bauhaus-inspired barrel and square stem design. The transitional flared foot provides a timeless, classic look. Smaller pull styles offer t-shaped and offset options, while the two knob styles provide unadorned, disc-shaped profiles. Circle No. 167 on Product Card The Quadro bottom-mounted drawer runner from Hettich allows for the adjustment of drawer fronts of frameless and face-frame wood- en drawers vertically, laterally, and in-depth and tilt all as standard. The adjusting mechanisms are easily accessible and, with a different surface feel, easy to tell apart, the company notes. Circle No. 170 on Product Card Cabinet hardware from Barz Decorative Hardware is designed and manufactured by Pete and Elizabeth Barszcz out of pew- ter. Product line sets include knobs, oversized knobs, pulls and appliance pulls in contemporary, modern, rustic, traditional and fused glass. Circle No. 169 on Product Card Nest Studio's Geo Series is influ- enced by the simple shapes and cutouts of Miami modernism as well as the Bauhaus look of exposed mounting hardware and cleanly bent forms. The hardware can be mounted in a variety of positions, and is made of solid brass and then plated to nickel or offered in powder coated black and white. Circle No. 172 on Product Card Select Hardware provides a range of cabinet hardware options for the today's kitchen and bath. Among its newest offering is a line of contem- porary pulls, available in three sizes and two finishes – Brushed Nickel and Matte Black. Circle No. 171 on Product Card Baldwin Hardware's latest collection, Hollywood Hills by Erinn V., was inspired by the clean modernism of 1930s industrial design. It strikes a balance between traditional elegance and clean aes- thetics, notes the company. The line includes cabinet hardware available in 16 finishes. Circle No. 174 on Product Card Scott-Systems allows for any surface, including granite and manufactured stone, to be levitated and elevated using its Float-Frame bracket series, providing a more open, airy space with heavy mate- rials. Available in two designs, the Under the Counter bracket comes in 18" and 24", while the island bracket is offered in 12", 18" and 24". Circle No. 173 on Product Card wide variety of finishes on the market, designers can help their clients find the specific look they desire. Although finish choices vary widely, manufacturers see a trend toward coordinating pieces with other elements in the kitchen, and in the home as a whole. Zhang says that cohesive hardware suites are showing up throughout the entire household. "Entry matches the interior sets, matches the cabi- net hardware, matches the accessories," he says. Peele sees decorative hardware, especially drawer pulls, taking on a more consistent theme. "A recent interior design trend we loved involved mixing metals to create some really interesting blends and finishes for a varied palate, but now we're seeing more consistency in matching styles and finishes throughout," he says. "Hardware is a decision that is b ecoming more important to the homeowner as well as builders, architects and interior designers," states Nakamura. "It is being used to tie together all spaces throughout the home, especially in the kitchen and bathroom." He also cites continued demand for satin and p olished silver finishes that match stainless steel appliances. Savignac adds, "The finishes are very important. From matte black to high-gloss chrome, golden champagne hues, brasses and pinks, more vivid colors [are being offered to] coordinate with the new kitchen appliances." has the function of protecting the finish of the cabinetry as well as enhancing the user experience either with its visual impact or simply by allowing for a comfortable grip to make the opening of a cabinet or drawer a pleasure." Zhang maintains, "Hardware is more of a design statement than ever before; it's more common to see designers going toward the extremes, us- ing either larger or minimal trims." He adds that there is freedom to mix and match styles, mixing finishes and details that coordinate with lighting and plumbing design trends. Hauser says designs are incorporating both large and small decorative hardware, such as D-Pulls with a 6mm diameter or large stainless steel handles with knurling or Art Deco-inspired patterns. Stephanie Lowe, product manager – decorative products at Hardware Resources in Bossier City, LA says that using all pulls in a kitchen can add to the design aesthetic, particularly in smaller spaces. "Pulls mounted ver- tically on doors add height, and longer pulls fitting the width of the draw- er help give the illusion the cabinets are larger than they are compared to breaking up the line with two separate pulls on a wide drawer," she says. COORDINATED FINISH Hardware finishes, particularly on the decorative side, convey a sense of the homeowner's style. That makes the choice very personal. With the 58 Kitchen & Bath Design News • December 2018 PRODUCT TREND REPORT

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