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DEC 2018

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5 (TIE) NATURAL BEAUTY "People all over the world long for natural products in their lives," says Alberto Antolini, CEO, Antolini Luigi. "This yearning for nature and natural things is a deeply ingrained human instinct, which has become even more acute as the world becomes more urbanized and people live in big cities. "Organic food, natural fibers in clothing, weekends in rural sur- roundings, authenticity…all of these are mega trends in the modern world, and they are not going away any time soon," he continues. Natural stone, such as Corteccia quartzite, fits in perfectly with this very basic human instinct. The soft quartzite features a white background and veins at a 45° angle with colors that go beyond the hues usually associated with soft quartzite, he explains. The grays and whites with hints of brown, cream and orange in the veins make Corteccia a top choice for rooms showcasing more contemporary styles, he notes. "[The material] recalls the light covering of the trees with its shades and speckles," Antolini explains. "It is a natural tribute of stone to the great trees that tell of history and life through their bark. "The color of this soft quartzite brings warmth to the whole room, entering in harmony with any furnishings that includes hues of coffee or gray through to white and natural wood," he adds. With its linear veining, Corteccia is a suitable choice for work- tops, floors, walls and kitchen surfaces, Antolini concludes. Circle No. 221 on Product Card 5 (TIE) BARNWOOD-INSPIRED CONCRETE PLANKS "Wood is one of nature's most appealing and versatile materials, but there are a number of logistical factors to consider when you're including it in the design of a space," says Sarah Lograsso, director of marketing, Eldorado Stone. "Time, sun exposure and mois- ture each have an impact on the look and feel of natural wood throughout its lifespan." Given these factors, manufacturers have developed new products that embody the same character as wood without leaving homeowners to worry about how and when it may deteriorate, she explains. Vintage Ranch is Eldorado Stone's interpretation of the iconic American classic: reclaimed barnwood. "Sustainable wood-look products such as Vintage Ranch provide visually stun- ning options for incorporating the rich patina and authentic texture of weather-worn barnwood in a durable format that won't warp, rust or fade because it is made of formed concrete," she continues. The lightweight concrete planks, which are designed as a panelized system for quick installation, are handpainted to display the patina of weather-worn boards in four color finishes including Saddlewood, Foxwood, Parchwood and Doverwood. "Right now we're seeing a lot of beautiful statement walls that this profile is being used in," Lograsso adds. "We live in a very active, connected culture. It's understandable that people who have become used to scheduling out every moment of their lives are now seeking out opportunities to unplug and renew their connection to the natural world. This includes spending more time in settings that authentically reflect the beauty of nature." Circle No. 222 on Product Card 5 (TIE) FLOATING COUNTERTOP BRACKETS Kitchens have become the 'go-to' places in the home, and those that feature floating countertops supported by brackets from companies such as the Original Granite Bracket gain more seating and area for activities, such as meal prep, socializing and homework. That's according to Rick Hersey of Original Granite Bracket who notes, "Floating countertops help take the function of kitchens and baths to the next level. They allow for sleek, less obtrusive designs. People often prefer having no corbels or support legs on their countertops or vanities, not just in small spaces, but even in large homes, too." Brackets also provide greater flexibility in choosing heights and configurations. "Everyone loves the ability to customize," Hersey continues. "As more people choose to stay in their homes and remodel kitchens and baths, we see our market growing." Original Granite Bracket offers 10 styles of brackets made in the U.S. from heavy-duty American steel to support countertops, benches, vanities, mantels, hearths, shelving and 'floating' furniture. They will support all countertop materials in a range of load bearing applications, the firm notes. Weight capacity will vary based on the installation, including size/dimensions and other factors. The company's bench brackets support 500 lbs. per pair. In addition to standard bracket sizes, the company can manufacture special order brackets to customers' specification requests. Circle No. 220 on Product Card 52 Kitchen & Bath Design News • December 2018 MOST-ASKED-ABOUT PRODUCTS

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