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A variety of bath products topped KBDN's 2018 list of most-asked-about products. All About the Bath lot of thought goes into selecting products for any kitchen or bath project. And many designers rely on Kitchen & Bath Design News to find out about those products and how they affect the function and aesthetics of a design. At the end of each year, the magazine showcases the products that created the greatest amount of interest from designers, as determined by tallying reader requests received throughout the year. Perusing this year's most-asked- about-products list, there definitely was a theme…2018 seemed to be all about the bath- room. Shower bases grabbed the top two spots, with the ever-popular freestanding tub following close behind in third. Bath-related products also garnered four other spots on the magazine's coveted list. If you consider space-neutral products such as hardware, organizational accessories and tile, it seems there is a lot of interest in making the bath beautiful and practical. Countertops have been a perennial fa- vorite on the list as well, and this year didn't deviate. Natural stone and glass made the Top 10 list, while stainless steel was in the Top 20. But countertops, like all products, continue to evolve; in 2018, readers seemed to be interested in finding ways to make these countertops 'float' and 'glow.' Following are KBDN's Most-Asked-About Products for 2018 as decided by you, our readers. ▪ 1 ONE-PIECE SHOWER BASE Installing a shower base needn't be difficult given the expanding availability of options, including one-piece shower bases such as the Fiora shower base, available from AD Waters. As a single piece of solid-sur- face material, the Fiora shower base installs quickly and easily, without the need to wait for grout to dry, or clean, which simplifies maintenance, explains Marco Vincelli, marketing director at AD Waters. "It is an extraordinary alter- native to tile," he says. Special features of the Fiora shower bases include antibacterial and Grade 3 anti-slip properties as well as a certified drainage rating of 12 gpm. Additionally, they feature a slate texture that resembles natural stone, making them 'soft' to the foot, according to Vincelli. Installation of the Fiora shower base can be made above the floor or flush to the floor for an ADA-compliant design. The bases are available in several sizes, including 60"x32", making it easy to replace a standard size tub, according to Vincelli. They can also be cut to size on-site. "If someone wants to replace their standard-size bathtub, they don't need to make any plumbing modifications to the floor," he notes. "The drain will connect with the existing bathtub drain, making it an economical change." The Fiora shower bases are available in two models. The Quadro is designed for rectangular drains that can be centered or offset and the Linea integrates a linear drain. While the drain cover is the same color as the base, stainless steel drain covers are available. The Fiora shower bases are offered in a range of colors, including White, Black, Cappuccino and Cement, and can be customized to any Pantone color as a special-order option. Circle No. 215 on Product Card 2 WATERPROOFED LINEAR DRAIN SHOWER Traditional shower installation using mortar bed is a complex job with a low margin for error. Compounded with its wet environment, there's a high risk of mold and moisture problems. Even among skilled installers, there are myriad techniques used, which means inconsistent installations. And once the tile has been laid, you can't see if the shower bed was installed properly until it fails. To ensure precise installation, USG and Infinity Drain have developed the USG Durock Brand Infinity Drain Shower System. This fully bonded water- proofing system for tiled shower installations using linear drains is designed to control moisture independently of the tile covering while creating a solid base for a long-lasting shower. The Durock Brand Infinity Drain Shower System provides waterproofing and vapor proofing for enhanced moisture and mold control, making it suitable for continuous-use residential and commercial steam showers. "Every surface, corner edge and seam is planned for complete water resistance," says Corvette Morales, product marketing manager, adding that the pre-sloped shower floor is made from high-density foam with a durable, pre-applied waterproof facer. The Durock Brand Infinity Drain Shower System also allows for unlimited customization options. Along with standard sizes, pre-sloped trays can be fabricated in several different shapes and virtually any size in just a few days. The inclusion of an Infinity Drain linear drain blends elegance with smart shower system design. Not only does the system allow for easy and flexible installation, but the linear drains also introduce a decorative component that maintains long, clean design lines. The linear drains are available in a variety of standard sizes and can also be customized to any desired length. Linear grates for the drain are customizable as well and are available in a variety of finishes with adjustable feet to match tile thickness. Circle No. 216 on Product Card A 50 Kitchen & Bath Design News • December 2018 MOST-ASKED-ABOUT PRODUCTS

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