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DEC 2018

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• Appliances/Fixtures: Most brands now offer complete suites of coordinated appliances. An amazing array of point-of-use, special-purpose and combination cooking appliances are being included in kitchen designs. New finishes are available, with stainless steel still a favorite. Technical upgrades have transformed appliances into voice-activated and remotely controlled components of the smart house phenomenon. The fit between the cabinetry and the appliances is much more sophisticated, with flush installation the preferred look. • Layout preferences: While huge open kitchens continue to dominate, there are whispers of new approaches to these large spaces that focus on managing the living/ cooking/dining/cleaning activities that take place in these spaces in a better way. • Business Models: Much has been written about how we are connected to the world via the internet – how IOT (the Internet of Things), voice-activated command stations (Alexa) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are changing the way we do business. Stay tuned! A lot has happened over the past 48 years. It's been a joy to be part of it, and I look forward to reading what other emerging design leaders have to say in the future as I retire. Well, maybe not quite yet…I will be presenting a program, "Reflections on a Career in Kitchen & Bath Design," at the NKBA Portland, OR Chapter next year, and I hope to see some of you there! ▪ Ellen Cheever, CMKBD, ASID, CAPS, is a well-known author, designer, speaker and marketing specialist. A member of the NKBA Hall of Fame, Cheever gained prominence in the industry early on as the author of two design education textbooks. She manages an award-winning design firm, Ellen Cheever & Associates, and has been part of the management team of several major cabinet companies. In the near past, traditional kitchen details have become more sim- plified and are now labeled 'transition- al.' Welcome to my 2016 personal kitchen in our new 1,400-sq.-ft. con- do. Slab large-for- mat surfacing has replaced hard- to-maintain tiles or busy granite moving patterns, and details are now focused on lighting fixtures in many spaces. Design Highlights from 2000-2018 • The Look: While stylized room settings continued to be popular, the concept of "transitional" styling emerged. New spaces had a simplified, traditional aesthetic. White paint has been the finish of choice for all of these past 18 years! • A new twist on the old fashioned farmhouse kitchen ap- peared: The elegance of Scandinavian design paired with the cottage look resulted in rooms washed in white that mixed woodworking details with mid-century modern chairs and accents. A new style was born: modern farmhouse. • Contemporary style grew in popularity with clients ask- ing for the simplicity of kitchens created by Europeans. Contemporary products became available from both imported and domestic sources. The harsh minimalistic definition of contemporary was replaced with rooms that start out simple, but become complex as layers of textures are crafted from artisan-curated materials. Cabinets are no longer a stand-alone element of the space. Earth tones have given way to the warmer neutrality of gray and taupe. Metals are mixed into these rooms, with a little glitz and glamour added with a bit of sparkling gold, brass or pol- ished nickel. • The Details: LED functional lighting systems are combined with show-stopping oversized fixtures, becoming a major design element of the space. • Surfaces: Highly figured granites have been replaced by more subtle quartz materials joined with a resurgence of interest in the simplicity of white solid surface materials and large porcelain slabs. Durably treated wood counters as well as burnished metal surfaces add beauty to many of today's kitchen designs. While wood and ceramic tile are often requested flooring, pure luxury vinyl tiles are return- ing – a new version of the '70s top products! Photo: Peter Leach; design by Pietro A. Giorgi, Sr., CMKBD, Giorgi Kitchens & Designs and Ellen Cheever, CMKBD, ASID, Ellen Cheever & Associates 48 Kitchen & Bath Design News • December 2018 DESIGNER'S NOTEBOOK

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