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DEC 2018

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"For metals, gold and copper continue to push for- ward," notes McLean. "The trend toward warm colors includes these metals." "For large appliances, two of the exciting new introduc- tions are matte black and matte white. They offer a simple color in an exciting new look," states Woodman. "Beyond that, if budget allows, a single piece in color is moving forward. It could be a red range, or pale blue refrigerator. They tend to be the go-tos for adding a large bit of appliance color." There are so many product options and so many colors available, and today's homeowners are definitely trying them on for size. ▪ such as copper and gold. The look is really modern and fresh and brand new." Julien Chapuis, CEO, Ressource Americas in New York, NY agrees. "Saturated, dark and warm green colors have been in high demand for several of our projects next year, as well as certain variations of burgundy red." "Green is going to have a large presence," concurs Woodman. "It started already in 2018 and will expand with an entire produce department of greens. From yellow influences that are lighter, to dark greens influenced with blue or black, to toned greens with a touch of gray. They will have a natural edge, as green tends to have, but the variation in values and undertones will give these greens a new perspective." "Navy blue kitchens are still really popular, and I think that will start to translate into hunter green kitchens and other shades of dark green," notes Medicus. "I think we'll see more and more kitchen islands that are a lively, unexpected color and more two-toned kitchens, especially with natural wood and other natural materials in an effort to warm up the kitchen." PPG's Color of the Year, Nightwatch, is a dark green with a little undertone of blue for a touch of luxury. "We've seen people wanting that kind of quiet and connection to nature, so that really dark green is very restorative – the color is the feeling you get when you're in deep nature," Schlotter reports. KITCHEN SPECIFICS To go with the warming trend in colors, finishes are going distinctively matte. From paint to cabinets to appliances to faucets, there is less shine for a softer appeal. In addition to natural wood cabinets, wood countertops continue their upward trend. "People want to warm up their spaces, and wood and natural stone are intuitive ways to ac- complish that," states Medicus. "I'm seeing a lot more wood countertops," agrees Dent. "And stone is becoming more popular as folks are beginning to tire of quartz patterns. There is a feeling that quartz pat- terns will not be as timeless as an interesting stone pattern. "With regard to faucets and hardware, I'm having success with black matte, and I'm having success with certain gold mattes – not the brass that we all grew up with in the 1960s, but the newer gold mattes," she adds. "It adds a pop of color and richness to a kitchen and dresses it up." Grays are going darker and richer, with matte finishes gaining sig- nificant ground, as shown in this display from Ressource Americas. This kitchen by Laura Medicus showcases a growing trend – the incorporation of white upper cabinets with darker lowers – this time in a medium blue with low sheen. Wood countertops and warm colors such as green and red are trending in kitchens in the Pacific Northwest, as displayed in this kitchen designed by Gail Monica Dent. Photo: Sara Yoder Photo: John Wilbanks, John G. Wilbanks Photography Photo: Marianne Evennou December 2018 • 41

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