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DEC 2018

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"We see bold color choices pushing forward into the sunset range of hues, such as deeper brick reds, terracotta oranges and golden yellows," says Sara McLean, color expert and stylist, Dunn-Edwards in Los Angeles, CA. The Dunn-Edwards 2019 Color of the Year, Spice of Life, is in keeping with this trend, providing a mix of deep brick red blended with terracotta and yellow undertones. Sherwin-Williams also chose a terracotta hue – Cavern Clay – as its 2019 Color of the Year. "I think this is going to be an important color, whether it's painted on cabinets or painted on walls," Wadden comments. One bright that is expected to continue its popularity in the kitchen going forward is red. "Vibrant, clean reds are great for kitchens because they stimulate the appetite," reports Schlotter. "They're convivial colors that are very happy and just welcoming colors for the kitchen." "In the Pacific Northwest, the pops of color tend to be in the reds and the greens, because blue doesn't translate well with our UV color range," notes Gail Monica Dent, founder/ principal, Provanti Designs in Bellevue, WA. "Everything tends to be warm colors, because we're so cool and gray here." GREEN SWEEP Bold choices aren't reserved for the bright colors, however. Deep, rich shades are also garnering attention for everything from cabinets and countertops to trim and tile. "Dark colors, blacks, charcoals and navy blue will be super important in 2019 and 2020, as well as deep dark greens," reports Wadden. "We kind of fell back in love with green the last couple of seasons." It's associated with life and growth and is organic and natural, "so it's a great counterbalance to the starkness of gray. "And, it's exploding in the kitchen and bath," she contin- ues. "Those rich colors are really a way to balance out where we've been and bring in something new. So paint navy cab- inets in the kitchen, and then pair them with warm metals "There are rainbow brights that offer moments of color joy. They play a role of introducing a bit of happy into the designed space," notes Woodman. "Of these colors, bright yellow is the one to watch. It has already emerged in fashion and is hailed as the color of Generation Z, so attention is going to be paid. It is energetic, fearless and always fresh, just what we need in murky times." "Yellow has always been gorgeous in a kitchen," adds Marshall. "A lot of the old English country kitchens were that Georgian yellow. I think people are definitely trending back toward that." Leanne Ford of HGTV's 'Restored by the Fords' television show used PPG's 2019 Color of the Year – Nightwatch, a rich green – in a recent project. Warmer whites, reclaimed wood and an injection of color in the backsplash make a statement in this kitchen designed by Laura Medicus, which also features a contrasting blue on the island. Medicus notes that baths will see an explosion of color, such as pink, green, yellow, dark blue and orange, as shown on the vanity in this design. Photo: Sara Yoder Photo: Sara Yoder Photo: Reid Rolls 40 Kitchen & Bath Design News • December 2018 COLOR TREND REPORT

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