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DEC 2018

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Softer whites and grays are teaming with light woods to provide the ideal backdrop for 2019's rich shades, including bright yellows, terracottas and deep greens. BY ANITA SHAW Warming Trends he interest in stark minimalism, Scandinavian style and cool tones may finally be waning when it comes to kitchen and bath design. In their place, warmer neutrals, rich and bold hues and nature-inspired colors are pushing their way to the forefront for 2019, according to industry experts. "We've had a good run of white and gray interiors, but I think kitchens and baths will warm up and get natural and lively in 2019," reports Laura Medicus, owner/principal, Laura Medicus Interiors in Denver, CO. "I think the minimalism trend has ended and it's swinging back toward interiors with more color, varied shapes and patterns." While she believes that people will still love bold pops of color, tones will get warmer and be paired with wood tones and more pattern. "We will see more collected, interesting rooms with strong hues that are bold, but nuanced, with shades such as hunter green, coral, teal, pink and mustard yellow," she offers. The increasing interest in color is being credited, in part, to the internet and social media. "We see so many feeds and beautiful images on Instagram that people are immediately confident," notes Sue Wadden, director of color marketing, The Sherwin-Williams Co. in Cleveland, OH. "I think that Pinterest, Houzz and all those online inspiration sources have really changed the game when it comes to color. People are really willing to take a risk, more than they've ever been before." WHITE, GRAY AND MORE With all the talk of color, the truth is that white will always be a staple for the kitchen. Whether it's the clean and fresh feeling it evokes, its ability to work with other colors, or because it is a safe choice for those taking on a remodel, white isn't going away any time soon. What is changing, however, are the tones of white that are coming into play. Clean, crisp whites that are the perfect foil for a warm, bright color, and warm whites that lean a little taupe are the newest players. "We are seeing a lot of white still, because people are bring- ing a lot of color into their furnishings, and we're seeing a lot more bright colors coming back," notes Dee Schlotter, senior color marketing manager, PPG Olympic and PPG Paints in Pittsburgh, PA. "White kind of stabilizes that whole effect." Certain spaces lend themselves to a neutral backdrop, allowing different pops of color to be brought in, according to Andrea Magno, color and design expert, Benjamin Moore in Montvale, NJ. Neutral tones such as Cloud White, a warmer white, or even Metropolitan, Benjamin Moore's 2019 Color of the Year, can help create a balance with deeper colors being brought into the kitchen such as navy, charcoal or dark green. "These deep tones are really great for painting millwork and cabinetry because they're classic colors that are going to be rel- evant for a good amount of time, but they're still a little more interesting," she notes. Interest in blue continues, but Kathy Marshall is embracing tones outside of the navy spectrum, such as the one in this bath. Marshall is also painting trims in shades other than white for an unexpected pop of color, and using brighter greens as a natural evolution from blue. T Photo: Michael J. Lee Photography Photo: Michael J. Lee Photography 38 Kitchen & Bath Design News • December 2018 COLOR TREND REPORT

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