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NOV 2018

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Well designed kitchen and bath lighting creates intriguing focal points, enhances safety and improves the overall usability of the space. BY LIS KING Lighting Ups the Ante ighting technology is on a romp, creating such an ava- lanche of new products, ideas and applications that de- signers find it hard to keep up. But lighting pros around the country aren't sympathetic. They say that the lighting industry's near-constant state of flux is no excuse to stick with the same-old, same-old. Lighting is one of the most important elements of any well-designed space, they warn. It enhances the usability of the space, creates intriguing focal points and keeps homeowners safe. And nowhere in the house is this more vital than in kitchens and baths. All the new products provide options not available even a few years ago, and the experts recommend that designers who haven't kept up make sure they consult a lighting consultant for their projects. "Unfortunately, we see many lighting mistakes in kitchen and bath design," notes architect and lighting designer Joseph Rey-Barreau, who's a professor at Kentucky University's School of Design. "Builders, for example, often lay out ceiling lights in a grid, thinking this gets lights everywhere. Unfortunately this isn't so. The optics of can lights often allow more than half the lumen output to escape, and typically they don't put enough light on vertical surfaces, which is where the eye perceives light. So they might waste nearly half the watts and still have a space that feels like a cave because the walls are dark," he continues. "There are plenty of mistakes in bathrooms, too," tells Jeff Dross, Kichler Lighting's corporate director of Education & Photo: Michelle Kawka L 44 Kitchen & Bath Design News • November 2018

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