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NOV 2018

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Do what makes you happy. " Don't worry about other people. Renovating and building are big investments and initially people can be scared about making design decisions because they don't want to make any mistakes. But as we work through the design process and encourage and guide them, they often start to lighten up, trust us and feel good about the decisions they are making." —April Collins, The Cabinet Gallery Include a floating vanity. " A floating vanity in a powder room, espe- cially one that is small, gives the room some breathability and keeps it visually light so when guests walk in, they aren't overwhelmed by ev- erything else in the room. Floating vanities are one of my favorite 'go-tos' for a powder room. —Ginger Curtis, Urbanology Designs Balance beauty with function. " Powder rooms aren't always designed for show. Don't forget about functionality. These rooms are high-use spaces, so there needs to be a balance between aesthetics and function. It's one thing to design a stunning space, but if it can be functional and hold up to use while looking amazing and being designed carefully, you have really succeeded." —Kevin Toukoumidis, dSPACE Studio Catch people off guard. " The biggest challenge in designing a powder room is making a small space very unique. Add in design elements that catch people off guard." —Lisa Alexander, RiverWorks Design Studio Be adventurous. " Get out of your comfort zone. Go a little crazy with wallpaper, an unusual mirror or a unique sink. You can always change it if it's too crazy…or not crazy enough! You need to have some element that really makes you think, 'oh, what will we think of this in five years?' It's okay [if you change your mind]…you can always do it again!" —Jennifer Stewart, J. Stewart Designs Be fearless. " You want to have a 'wow' factor the minute people walk into the room. Don't be afraid to use expensive materials because you use so few of them. And, since people don't spend a lot of time in a powder room, let your imagination run wild. Don't be afraid to leave the door open!" —Sherri DuPont, Collins & DuPont Design Group The granite vessel sink in this powder bath designed by Lisa Alexander, in collab- oration with Heidi Griffin, interior decorator at RiverWorks Design Studio, and Phil Kean Designs, architect, is the focal point of the space. Its gold, off-white, silver gray and earth tones also serve as the color inspiration for the entire home. Since the sink steals the show, Alexander complemented it with a simple vessel faucet so as to not take away from its glory. The frameless vanity features high-pressure laminate in a high-gloss gold tone, which she accented with brassy gold hardware. The light fixture shades crafted from opaque fabric offer subtle lighting to accent the vanity and pebble cork textured wallpaper. Photo: Tommy Daspit Design Tips: November 2018 • 39

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