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OCT 2018

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PRODUCT TRICKS Within the world of storage, designers are also incorporating a variety of products, both built-in and aftermarket, that make storage more efficient and more functional. "Cabinet companies and accessory manufacturers really try to keep their fingers on the pulse of consumers and respond to what people are asking for," believes Burton. An example she appreciates is improvements made to corner storage in base cabinets. "One of my favorite storage items is a corner unit that allows for easy access to pots and pans," she notes. Nunes favors corner organizers as well, as do Martin and Kilbourne, who suggest that blind-corner storage accessories have essentially become 'standards' rather than 'options.' "Twenty-first century organization is all about easy access and eliminating wasted space," adds Nunes. "Blind-corner cabinets now have pull-out shelves and magic corners so clients don't need to reach inside of cabinets and into 'dead' corners. Rollouts, which are one of the most requested accessories in my kitchen designs, are also 'must-haves' because they give full access to everything." McCulloch reiterates an overriding theme of storage that pulls out. "Whatever can pull out, should pull out," she stresses, drawing particular attention to pantries, spice racks and tray storage. "The idea is to have everything come to the cook." The granddaddy of all pull-outs is the drawer, which, these days, seems to reign supreme. Both McCulloch and Dolan, as well as Kilbourne and Martin, note a client bias toward drawers. "We've gone almost exclusively to drawers instead of doors," says Kilbourne. "Contents are easier to access and you can see exactly what is inside." "We do mostly drawers in base cabinets, rather than doors with shelves," adds McCulloch. "No one has to bend down and reach in underneath a countertop. It goes back to the concept of having everything pull out so the cook can see what's inside." For Dolan's clients, drawers are often the preferred way to corral reusable drink bottles and plastic containers, both of which greatly influence storage selections in his designs. Many of William Kilbourne and Wayne Martin's clients have a preference for drawers, which make contents easily viewable and accessible. William Kilbourne and Wayne Martin designed this kitchen with an eye toward proper storage and organization. When everything is put away in its proper place, a kitchen becomes more usable and ergo- nomically freeing for the homeowner. Photos: Drew Rice; Red Pants Studio 58 Kitchen & Bath Design News • October 2018 SPACE-SAVING IDEAS Continued

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