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OCT 2018

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emails, etc., most of the time they are doing it from a laptop or tablet while they are sitting at the island, versus sitting at a desk. They can still be involved with the family, or even talk with the cook while they are paying bills online." McCulloch echoes an appreciation of stealing seemingly insignificant space and transforming it into valuable storage. "I love shallow storage," she states. "It's one of my favorite storage solutions. Even a 4"-deep cabinet can be useful." As an example, she recently redesigned the small kitchen in a condo where a stacked washer and dryer are located next to a workspace that includes a countertop, base cabinets, a microwave and a toaster oven. "It's very European," she says. "The washer and dryer are behind an aluminum sliding door. When my client is doing laundry, she can slide the door in front of the workspace. When laundry is finished she can slide the door back in front of the washer and dryer so she can use her workspace. At the end, I added shallow, 6"-deep storage. She says it's her favorite place to store things because everything is lined up and noth- ing needs to be stacked." countertop, whether it's open or hidden behind doors, can be equipped with power outlets for charging. Or, we can put power strips in drawers, safely and in a way that is protected and up to code. Plus, this new area can be a place for pens and paper. As much as we rely on electronic devices, paper doesn't seem to be going away." "For one client, we built a pull-out drawer for her laptop," he continues, adding that she uses it to run her business in ad- dition to tasks associated with raising her kids. "It seems that no matter where she wants to be throughout the house, she always ends up in the kitchen. It's the best place to multi-task so we brought the office to the kitchen." Burton has also seen clients transitioning away from kitch- en desks and toward what she coins as 'command centrals.' Oftentimes they are shallow-depth storage, as thin as 4" deep, tucked behind tall doors at the end of a built-in refrigerator or tall cabinet and equipped with cork board, white board and/or bulletin board, mail slots and outlets for charging electronics. "Desks in kitchens have almost completely gone by the wayside," she says. "Whether clients are paying bills, returning The kitchen of this narrow, turn-of-the-century 'twin' home faced the pantry wall. To keep it light and bright, the homeowner wanted the walls to be open and decorative as well as functional. To make up for lost storage, Bill Dolan added a tall wall of pantry cabinets and a long island with deep drawers. The tall center wall of pantry storage, ovens and refrigeration allows for the opposing exterior wall to be left open and free of cabinets in this kitchen designed by Bill Dolan. Designer Bill Dolan has noticed a trend toward more customized storage, which is often accomplished with the use of specialized drawer inserts seen here. Photos: The Kitchen Studio at Pine Street; Photographer, John Welsh October 2018 • 57

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