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OCT 2018

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very reasonable for the results. It does require a "gaming" computer, but if you are using pro- fessional design software, you probably already own the computer capable of supporting it. Here are a couple of cool ideas for using VR in your business: First, take your favorite designs and convert the URLs to QR codes. Print them on counter signs to post around your showroom. Prospects can scan them in your showroom, instantly accessing VR images of your favorite designs from their phone. Leave plastic VR goggles around the showroom to use with their phones. The same QR codes could be in your marketing material and even emblazoned on the side of your company vehicles for all consumers to experience VR of the work that you do. Don't for- get to post the VR image links in albums on your company Facebook page or even set up as dashboards for your build- ers. Engage and excite clients everywhere you can. AUGMENTED REALITY I left this for last because it's the easiest of all. The augment- ed reality applications on the market today are web-based or app-based and are driven by your suppliers. You don't need to make additional investments, but you must discover which of your suppliers are offering AR and understand how to use it. So, the first step is to talk with your suppliers and learn who currently has augmented reality applications available for you. You will be surprised how many are out there. Most of the AR in the community today focuses on hardware, plumbing, paint, coverings, furniture and other complementary items to your space. They are products with a quick turnaround from inspiration to purchase, and they are often single purchase items. Start with these suppli- ers first. My best practice for AR is to make sure you actively recommend and manage. Be in control of the sites your customer is using so they are making decisions on your pre- ferred products, and be a part of the actual process so that you maintain that professional bond in your client's eyes. All right, 101 is over. Start integrating these new presentation realities in your business, literally, today! ▪ John Morgan is well respected for his work helping kitchen and bath professionals evolve their busi- nesses. He served as NKBA national president in 2013 and was named a KBDN Top 50 Innovator for 2017. He currently serves the industry as a consul- tant, rep, trainer, columnist and national speaker, and can be reached at John.Morgan@morgan October 2018 • 23 When an object of desire is iconic, its value is no longer about mere impressing, it's about inspiring. And that's what the new ILVE Majestic solid door range accomplishes. Available in 5 sizes and over 200 colors, rest assured the performance and the look will be uniquely yours. Made in Italy ~ 866-844-6566 ~ Ranges ~ Ovens ~ Hoods ~ Cooktops Better than just trendsetting — timeless. Circle No. 15 on Product Card

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