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Fabuwood may no longer be the new guy in town, but they're undoubtedly amongst the top innovators in the Kitchen & Bath design industry. As the cabinet company nears its 10th anniversary as an organization, they are entering the realm of top kitchen manufacturers in the USA and are expected to rapidly employ new talent in the near future. It's no easy feat for a market leader, but their habitual emphasis on quality, growth and technology across the board make it possible. Fabuwood thrives on exclusivity, which helped them develop their own unique set of production standards known as Q12. Every cabinet must meet these 12 standards, without exceptions. Fabuwood has considered every detail of what quality cabinetry means to them and sticking to these guidelines guarantees all their products exemplify nothing less. These values provide comfort to dealers, builders, designers and consumers in knowing that their kitchen cabinets will always be uncompromisingly solid and reliable. Going above and beyond to provide ultimate customer satisfaction is assuredly Fabuwood's cornerstone. Rapid growth is inevitable for a company like Fabuwood. With hundreds of employees – it's no surprise the company quickly outgrew their headquarters in Jersey City, N.J. That's why they're currently wrapping up the development of a state of the art facility to call home. The building, nestled on the Passaic River in Newark, N.J., will increase overall productivity and solidify a superb work atmosphere for their staff. The building supports the company's vision with spaces that intentionally foster a transparent environment, encourage the enjoyment of discovery and make Fabuwood a place where people want to come to join forces and innovate. Upon opening, Fabuwood's new building will be the largest kitchen cabinet manufacturing facility in the Northeast. Additionally, it will contribute to Newark's booming local economy and continue to generate hundreds of new jobs. It's evident that Fabuwood's dedication to keeping their employees happy is of utmost importance. They are proud to promote a family-like community in the workplace and treat their staff like family members in conjunction with that notion. From celebrating birthdays to company-wide events the allow their employees to bring their families together for a day of fun and activities - Fabuwood goes the extra mile. If you're familiar with Fabuwood, you may already know that their focus on online ordering for their dealers is a priority. They believe their dealers should be able to place orders with ease, eliminating the antiquated system of having to do so via phone, etc. With that, Fabuwood developed a phenomenal online ordering system known as EZ Pricing. With this customized platform dealers can enter their orders 24 hours a day, upload list items and track progress with real-time stock information. Fabuwood doesn't seem to miss a beat. Why? EZ Pricing is mobile friendly! This tool has certainly become an essential component for Fabuwood dealers and designers' daily workflow. As a company that prides itself on efficiency, this ordering system will act as a foundation for Fabuwood's technology efforts moving forward. In addition to EZ Pricing, Fabuwood has become a major influence with their Kitchen Visualizer Tool. The one of a kind feature enables anyone to see what their kitchen would look like upon a build or remodel. It's super customizable and incorporates not just cabinets, but backsplashes, flooring and more. We highly recommend checking it out before creating your next kitchen design. The builders' industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the U.S. economy and kitchens are at the heart of it. With a large selection of styles, superior quality and a fast turnaround time, Fabuwood cabinets have quickly become an ideal choice for builders nationwide. That's why Fabuwood plans on having an exclusive "builders corner" at KBIS 2019 in Las Vegas. This corner will consist of all levels of cabinetry, planning of new up to date colors and profiles and more! Whether building a high rise project, a development, or a simple renovation; Fabuwood has become a top player in the marketplace. Moving forward, Fabuwood will continue to secure their position as an ideal choice for builders, designers and developers in search of stylish, affordable and reliable cabinets. With several new products and multiple projects on the horizon, it's hard to believe Fabuwood has room for anything else on their plate - but let's just say they have some awesome new stuff in their pipeline. As mentioned previously, KBIS 2019 is just around the corner, so be on the lookout for Fabuwood's booth and its surprises. Meet Fabuwood, the game changers of the next generation of cabinetry. FABUWOOD CABINETRY AT A GLANCE: 99 Caven Point Road Jersey City, NJ 07305 T: 201-432-6555 F: 201-432-6055 C H A N N E L S O F D I S T R I B U T I O N : Kitchen dealers nationwide C U S TO M E R S U P P O R T: To learn more about Fabuwood Cabinetry products or to become a dealer, please visit its site at, or call 201-432-6555. Circle No. 36 on Product Card A D V E R T I S E M E N T

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