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" I LIKE THAT my displays are replicating what people see on Pinterest and Instagram, so this validates me in their eyes as being relevant. I like least that I could have even put in a couple more displays and I didn't – I will add at least one display in the coming year." Joel Linn, principal Forest Kitchen Design Studio Greenville, SC " I LOVE MY showroom but I would actu- ally classify it as more of a boutique. It's 440 square feet [and] has been carefully designed to include lovely cabinetry of various styles, colors and construction and many beautiful materials so clients can touch and feel what they need to without getting overwhelmed. In this small space, I actually have six dis- plays (all of which are packed with samples and literature), which includes my office area and bathroom. I keep my little boutique looking fresh and new by changing the decor seasonally, with appropriate fresh flowers and stylish accessory items. Keeping it small and exquisite feels more intimate and exclusive! This year I hope to make a better presentation space in my office area, with a new extra-large monitor so clients can better see my design presentations. I show every- one their designs digitally with full color custom renderings, so I really have no need for a lot of square footage (which also keeps my overhead down)! The only thing I wish I did have was a small separate conference area with more seating so when I have multi- ple people, they can all sit comfortably while we talk. Otherwise, I love my space and my clients do, too." Amy Britton, CKD, owner/lead designer Artisan Kitchens Inc. Osterville, MA " I LOVE THAT our showroom displays are up to date. We put a good amount of thought into designing displays that can grow and change as well as reflect a bit of future trends we see ourselves moving toward. We try to anticipate style directions without being too 'out there.' We continuous- ly review what is working regarding lines we offer, and what is not. What I like least is that it gets dirty quickly due to it being inside a lumber/hardware store – the doors open and the dust flies in. Also, lighting [could be improved] – we are limited to the overhead fluorescent lights used throughout the store. And it could always be bigger! We hope to add specific lighting over the tile displays. We also will be updating a display to show a possible dog grooming station as well as closet components." Andrea Wheeler, kitchen & bath designer The J.F. Johnson Lumber Co. Millersville, MD " THE BEST THING about my show- room is that it's small. Less maintenance and much less overhead make it possible for me to spend more time in the field caring for my customers and meeting new potential leads. The worst part is the location. After 30 years, the city is rebuilding its infrastructure and the noise is a constant annoyance. My goal for the year is to find another place to move to." Charles Cameron, owner Design Details Somerville, MA " OUR SHOWROOM HAS a very comprehensive selection of products to put together any room. We are still working to create better use of the space. This year, we are building out a new shower section with four shower stall displays. We are also adding a sample room for all of the wing displays to free up more space in the main showroom for live displays. Currently we are building a new kitchen and appliance area and are adding four appliances lines." Tom Knotts, owner Adalay Interiors Tampa, FL " OUR SHOWROOM 'SHOWS' well, but we are aware of the age of the displays and the need to update. We will most defi- nitely be replacing some displays this year and are working with our prime vendors to set up a viable rotation of displays to main- tain current and attractive/inviting displays that will appeal to our client base. Years ago, we could sit on the same displays for years (once I even replaced a display with the same wood and finish because of its popularity!), but today the fashion influence in the indus- try requires updates constantly." Max Isley, CMKBD, CEO, COB Hampton Kitchens of Raleigh, Inc. Raleigh, NC " [OUR SHOWROOM] OFFERS consumers a place to review options for their remodeling projects, along with the ability to speak with people who understand the balance of taste and budget when it comes to putting a package together that fits their needs. With constant product changes and trends, it is difficult to keep current. It is a never-ending process that drains resourc- es. The focus for the coming year is to change out displays to better reflect market trends for the area and give the showroom a much-needed facelift along the way." Michael Davis, showroom branch manager Smithfield Supply Greenville, RI " WHAT WE LOVE best about our show- room is the ease of shopping and not feeling like there is too much product raining down on you. We have a fluid environment which produces a relaxed vibe for our customers. [In the future,] we will be changing out a few areas in the showroom to add new product categories." Cynthia Lancaster, director of showrooms The Nest Columbia, SC " WE ARE TOLD we have very nicely de- signed vignettes, although a few are starting to get slightly dated…or am I just tired of look- ing at them? We are in the process of updat- ing at least one central area of the showroom." Kim Jones, design partner Creative Kitchens Huntington, WV " OUR SHOWROOM IS a remodeled house, so it has that aspect that makes people feel comfortable. We need to update some displays, and we hope to put in a new modern display showcasing a contemporary look." Sven Green, office manager Innovative Kitchens Inc. Virginia Beach, VA Dealers & Designers Talk Showrooms WHAT DO YOU THINK? Email your feedback, contact information and the subject, 'Market Pulse' with your message to What do you feel is the very best thing about your showroom? What do you like least about your showroom, and what changes, if any, do you hope to make to your showroom in the coming year? 8 Kitchen & Bath Design News • September 2018 MARKET PULSE READERS' OPINIONS ON INDUSTRY-RELATED ISSUES

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