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The DTV+ showering system with Kohler Konnect can be controlled with voice commands to produce a customized showering experience. Users can adjust water temperature and control showerheads and body sprays, music, lighting, steam and shower duration using voice-com- mands or the wall-mounted inter- face. Six presets are included. Circle No. 176 on Product Card The Delta Faucet In2ition Two-in- One Shower features a detachable hand shower that can be used sep- arately from or simultaneously with the showerhead. This dual-func- tionality provides maximum flexibil- ity without sacrificing warmth. The shower allows for a choice of water streaming from the showerhead only, the hand shower only or both. Circle No. 175 on Product Card Franz Viegener's showerheads are designed with a patented technol- ogy and manufactured using thin steel sheets, placed one on top of another, producing an overall thick- ness of 4mm. The rainhead showers adhere to strict water regulations, and are available in 6", 9", 12" and 16" sizes and in round, oval and square shapes, in a range of finishes. Circle No. 178 on Product Card Guardian ShowerGuard on UltraClear low-iron glass reduces the greenish cast of standard glass for enhanced clarity. The compa- ny's sputter coating technology permanently seals the glass surface, making it resistant to soap and hard water that dulls and eventually etches ordinary glass, the firm says. Circle No. 177 on Product Card Part of the new Levoir Bath Col- lection from Brizo, the H2Okinetic Multi-Function Showerhead in Brilliance Luxe Gold allows for a streamlined look and simple functionality in the shower, while providing a spa-like experience. The collection pays homage to the slender proportions and forms seen in classic British automobile design. Circle No. 180 on Product Card Hansgrohe's Raindance E Shower Collection includes the Raindance E 300 1-Jet Showerhead, which features a new 12"x12" square design that generates voluminous, soft droplets, the firm notes. Center spray jets are closely positioned for a more powerful spray, while the rest are set farther apart to relax the shoulders and upper back. Circle No. 179 on Product Card Rainmoon, part of Dornbracht's LifeSpa, features two new spray types along with moonlight atmo- sphere synchronized lighting. A dome built into the ceiling creates a special depth effect. With Aqua Circle, water drops down out of the dome like a funnel for a relaxing shower, while Tempest mimics heavy rain via larger water droplets. Circle No. 182 on Product Card Part of its new Global Shower Collection, TOTO has introduced overhead rainshowers in square and round, with touch button multimode water technologies. Warm Spa provides a single voluminous pillar of warm water, while Comfort Wave provides large water droplets for stimulation. They can be used in combination, or Comfort Wave only. Circle No. 181 on Product Card Polished chrome and brushed nickel are still the most common finishes, manufacturers agree, though there's also interest in other looks, so options are essential. "The matte black finish is becoming popular," says Herzog. But brushed nickel and chrome remain the best sellers by far, he adds. Bayt believes showering spaces need to be clean, with less clutter on the shower walls. Popular looks include gold, matte black and black stain- less finishes, she notes, as well as tone-on-tone color palettes and subtle textures, such as knurling. "Chrome and polished nickel are the most popular faucet finishes with brushed brass, gold and matte black as emerging faucet finishes," states Gallagher. "Many designers and homeowners consider the faucet to be the jewel of the bath. As a result, specialty finishes are quickly becom- ing the standard expectation. Consumer expectations continue to evolve as designs in the bathroom space become more intricate." Taylor says that, rather than one set finish outshining others, there is a demand for a wide range of choices. "By offering a variety of options, people can pick and choose different options for different rooms," he says. CONSERVATION AND ACCESSIBILITY Shower design and trends are impacted by more than aesthetic factors. Two of the main issues that have impacted recent shower trends are water consumption regulations and interest in Universal Design. Pien says showers that will fit the standard 60" by 30" alcove are most popular in both renovations and new construction. "In luxury bathrooms, expansive showers that measure 60" by 36" or larger are the preferred way to create a spa-like environment with steam, two showerheads, multiple body sprays and room for seating," she adds. Consumers are finding that a shower can offer a relaxing experience that saves both time and water. "While a bathtub used to be a key element to a relaxing bathing experience, now there are alternative options such as a handshower. People can attain a relaxing bathing experience by moving a handheld shower to focus on certain areas of the body, such as massaging tense shoulders," says Taylor. CONTEMPORARY LINES, CLASSIC FINISHES The current move to an open feel with lots of glass lends itself well to the clean, uncluttered look of more contemporary designs. "The style of now is contemporary; clean and simple, yet organized and functional," says Moore. "Shower faucets, bases and enclosures that highlight clean, contem- porary lines continue to be popular for their appealing styling and also because these designs are easier to clean and maintain. These pure, simple forms provide elegant utility and truly functional spaces for the user," b elieves Pien. September 2018 • 59

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