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keep the kitchen 'pure' with the home," he says. "Using the tin accomplished that goal, and it was unique and fun." O'Rourke's clients will also gravitate to tile as their splurge. "We've had clients seek out local artists," she says. "The neu- tral palette that is popular now provides an opportunity to look for something special that will pop against it." Emerson and other designers at Aidan encourage clients to consider tile as their splurge as well as a unique way to make a statement. "It's the jewelry of the kitchen," she says, noting that oftentimes they extend the tile behind the range or cooktop all the way to the ceiling, which brings the eye up and makes the ceiling seem taller. "Tile also provides a great value as a splurge. Depending on the coverage area, the total cost difference of a more expensive tile may not be that great, especially when compared to a splurge with a countertop. So even in the simplest of projects, we encourage our clients to never skimp on tile." Some popular tile choices of Emerson's clients include handmade ceramics and marble mosaics. "Handmade tile has a higher price point than something that is machine made, but it is typically more undulated with subtle textures and is available with a myriad of glazes," she adds. "That character is what we love about a handmade tile. We also love specify- ing marble mosaics, which are a great way to create a lot of interest and depth." ▪ APPLIANCE UPGRADES Like cabinetry, appliances are also a big-ticket item that people are often willing to upgrade. For Iglesias, a typical splurge is for high-end ranges and appliances with specialized functions. "We do see clients drop more of their budget on ranges," she says. "They are looking for design that will offer a beautiful, sleek look as well as all the new technology with powerful burners and precise oven tempera- tures. We've also seen clients spend a little more on innovative steam and speed convection ovens as well as vacuum drawers that pair with the steam oven for high-end sous vide cooking." O'Rourke finds that her customers like to splurge on items they've never had. Often that means appliances. "Maybe it's a microwave drawer, a double oven or that special $15,000 colored range," she says. "For my clients, splurges seem to be less about cabinetry and more about appliances, as well as countertops." When Hall's clients splurge, it's often on featured applianc- es. "They will want to make a 48" professional range a focal point, like a piece of artwork in the kitchen," he says. "Then they build off of that with a nice backsplash that makes the range the statement." For example, he recently completed a kitchen with a pro- fessional-style range accented with a stamped tin backsplash in a home that was built in 1905. "These clients wanted to Alex Hall's clients often splurge on professional ranges and cook- tops accented by unique backsplash tile and quartz countertops, especially those that resemble marble. In this kitchen remodel, Alex Hall included a professional-style range accented with a stamped tin backsplash in a home that was built in 1905. Photos: Michael Alan Kaskel, Architectural + Interior Design Photography 54 Kitchen & Bath Design News • September 2018 DESIGN FLOURISHES

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