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"People are looking for something they can't get at the box stores," she says, noting that corner accessories for neatly orga- nizing pots and pans and wooden drawer peg systems featured in her showroom often pique interest. "They want storage that is tailored and customized to their cabinetry in size and finish so it looks like their kitchen. "Clients have been willing to splurge on many different types of high-end cabinet accessories, as long as they improve the overall functionality of the kitchen," Iglesias continues. "Organization and efficiency play an integral part in the flow of the kitchen, so even with a limited budget, investing in stor- age solutions for cookware, dishes and pantry items is a smart decision. Even the most beautiful and expensive kitchens don't serve a purpose without a good working footprint and storage capabilities." Gracia's clients also typically invest in above-average kitchens. "Automatically they come to me with higher exp ectations," she says. "Many of them are empty nesters who have waited. They don't want to cut corners. They are looking to make statements and to explore different options they may not have had the op- portunity to include 20 years ago when they redid their kitchen." That philosophy spills over into cabinetry discussions. "People are spending money on cabinets," she says. "I would say it's a general, overall splurge where they want custom features, materials and finishes…the whole enchilada. Storage CABINETRY SPLURGES While cabinetry is often already one of the most expensive elements in a kitchen, regardless of whether or not it is a 'splurge,' designers find that some clients are willing to increase their budget even further to obtain a desired cabinet look and/or function. Emerson sees clients spending extra money on cabinet de- tails such as inserts to create depth and texture that is one of a kind. "They can be a way for people to differentiate themselves from everyone else," she says. "We've had a fair number of re- quests for custom metal grill inserts with scallops or chevron patterns, or even leather inserts. Currently, we're working on a project with a client who loves the 1920s and 1930s and wants to pay homage to the time period. A great way to do that is with an insert." For Gracia and Robertson, as well as Iglesias, the decision to splurge on cabinets has already been made when clients choose to work with them since their offerings tend to be more premium priced. "Clients are already splurging based on our cabinetry offer- ing," says Iglesias. However, they are looking for, and are willing to pay for, beautiful and functional storage via roll-out shelves, drawer inserts, corner organizers and pull-out bins, especially those with a finished design that adds to the kitchen. Oftentimes cabinetry is a splurge for Nancy Gracia's clients, such as in this kitchen, which features locally benchmade cabinets in a cohesive design that introduces color while paying attention to classic details. Everything in this kitchen designed by Nancy Gracia is a splurge, including the Edgar Berebi hardware accented with Swarovski crystals, hand-applied gold leaf imported mosaic tile and Lacanche range. Photos: Joe Kyle September 2018 • 51

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