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KNOW THYSELF Of course, what is a story without its char- acters? Katsioula-Beall places great value on not only understanding her clients as people, but also on helping them to learn what they want and need in a design by understanding themselves. She refers to her profession as "half design, half therapy" – in fact, she notes, she has studied humanistic psychology and became a certified therapist in order to better serve her clients. Every new client relationship begins with a meeting that Katsioula-Beall describes as a "comfortable, exciting and merciless four- hour affair," during which she works to help her clients take a good look at themselves and their lifestyles so that they can completely visualize their dream kitchen or bathroom. She views the early phases of design as a process of mapping out her clients' mental space and then recreating that for them in their physical living spaces. This process is primarily for the clients' benefit – "My deeper secret is that, within the first five minutes, their homes and their kitchens tell me everything I need to know about them!" she remarks. Thanks to her location, Katsioula-Beall has the opportunity to work with clients who have more "avant garde" tastes and are willing to take bold design risks and experiment with new styles. "To be unique and innovative, one has to get the type of client who seeks precisely that attribute from their designer," she notes. "Only a homeowner who thinks out of the box of 'house resale' and is not afraid to take chanc- es would hire the designer who colors outside the lines. While these clients are not common, I have been blessed with many." Although Katsioula-Beall does tend to specify a few brands above all others – Miele, Thermador and Columbia Cabinets are partic- ular favorites – she is flexible in her choices of fixtures and accessories in order to respect her customers' price point specifications. "I stretch the possibilities and the product mix to make the overall look of my projects a lot more expen- sive than it is," she explains. DESIGNING WITHOUT BORDERS Although Katsioula-Beall was known for her dramatically styled showroom vignettes in the earlier days of her career, she has since learned the value of staying mobile. "After designing and owning several showrooms in various parts of Los Angeles, I find that a virtual showroom and a well-designed home office is the most comfortable and profitable way to do business," she believes. This versatility has enabled her to travel extensively between Europe and the U.S. – in fact, she maintains offices in three different countries. In addition to gathering global inspi- ration on her travels, Katsioula-Beall, who orig- inally hails from Athens, Greece, is frequently able to discover new and exciting products and craftspeople. In order to stay connected with her clients and promote her business while on the go, Katsioula-Beall places a great deal of value on technology. "I think that a website showing the range of design one can offer is still the most powerful tool," she declares. "I like to attract those clients who reach out to me because the pictures of my designs struck a responsive chord." This organic approach to garnering new business has served her well – a good portion of her business comes from word of mouth and referrals. ▪ 'No matter how small the bath, there should al- ways be room to dance in,' Katsioula-Beall believes. This curvaceous bath draws inspiration from the movement of objects in nature in order to create an elegant, balletic energy. 44 Kitchen & Bath Design News • September 2018 DESIGNER PROFILE CONNECTION TO THE INDUSTRY SUBSCRIBE to the Kitchen & Bath Design News weekly newsletter to receive the latest news and product information in your inbox. See all of our kitchen collecƟons at: SunnyWood's Riley Kitchen CollecƟon Where Style & Quality are in the Details! Riley CollecƟon Doors and drawers feature raised panels and applied moldings accented by a hand-detailed glazed finish. Circle No. 27 on Product Card

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