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CHARLESTON, SC — When this downtown Charleston home was built in 1794, bathrooms – and indoor plumbing, for that matter – didn't exist. Both inherently negated any possibility of a luxurious master bathroom, especially one with amenities related to water. Renovations in the centuries since addressed the basics by incorporating conveniences such as running water, thereby allowing bathrooms to move inside. But Heidi Huddleston took the lavatory concept to the next level with this recent master bath remodel, a project that was part of a whole- house renovation that included the kitchen. In what used to be two bedrooms, a hallway and an outdated bathroom, the CKD/owner of Delicious Kitchens & Interiors, in Charleston, collaborated with Alison Baker Interior Design and Tupper Builders to create the spacious new master bathroom that, along with the master bedroom and a sitting room, resides on the second of three floors. "There are no public rooms on the entire second floor," she says, noting the kitchen, dining room, living room and bar comprise the first floor, and two bedrooms and a shared bath constitute the third. "We created a sanctuary for the couple that encompasses the entire level." Tearing down walls gave the designer more space in which to include luxurious amenities and also exposed the original brick that com- prises the fireplaces and covers the walls from floor to ceiling on three sides of the new master bathroom. "The brick is the element that draws most people into this room," says the designer. "While it's fairly common to see brick in the kitchen, this is the first time I've done this amount of brick in a bathroom." Huddleston's clients had known about the existence of the fireplaces because of the chim- neys, notes the designer. "But we didn't know what condition they would be in, or if they would be salvageable," she says. "They hadn't been used in years because they were complete- ly concealed by wall board that had been put up years ago." Converted to gas during the renovation, the fireplaces now take center stage. However, they also presented the designer with a challenge. "The bathroom is a huge space," she states. "We didn't want it to feel like a big, empty space, but we also didn't want to fill it up with useless stuff." As such, and as a complement to the fire- places, Huddleston added an extensive double vanity to connect them together. Crafted with relatively simple Plain & Fancy Cabinetry inset cabinets in a white enamel finish, the vanity features dual sinks, open shelves that pro- vide easy access to towels and a raised center section. Calacatta Gold Borghini marble in a polished finish tops the cabinets and serves as a backsplash. Huddleston gave her clients ad- ditional storage via a tall linen cabinet accented with curved mullions and glass doors. Another storage cabinet was added to the adjacent water closet, which is tucked behind a wall sheathed in white shiplap. The wall also provided a place to include a large-screen TV. Master Bath Combines History & Luxury BY KIM BERNDTSON Designer creates a well-appointed lavatory in this centuries-old home that preserves the best of the past, merging it with up-to-date, modern conveniences. Photo: Kim Graham, Kim Graham Photography EXTENSIVE VANITY Links fireplaces together and provides plenty of storage DUAL ANTIQUE BRICK FIREPLACES Serve as a focal point for the space TWO-PERSON SHOWER Oversized for ease of use 34 Kitchen & Bath Design News • September 2018 PROJECT CASE STUDY SPOTLIGHT ON CREATIVE, PROBLEM-SOLVING KITCHENS AND BATHS Continued

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