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September 2018 • 27 LEAH: You are talking about an annual plan for education and renewal then? KEN: Yes, I am. A saw can get pretty dull when used repeatedly over and over again. It needs to be sharpened every once in a while to get the job done more efficiently. The same advice applies to kitch- en and bath professionals who work so hard, day in and day out and even on week- ends, to have their projects fit seamlessly in a client's home. To that end, SEN's planned BIZCON event, for example, would serve busy profession- als well as part of their annual education plan. It offers a great variety of business education workshops mixed with inspirational keynotes, fun networking events, and the opportunity to relax and unwind in a lovely resort setting. LEAH: In his famous book, didn't Stephen Covey call 'sharpening the saw' one of the seven most important habits of highly effective people? KEN: Covey actually hailed it as the seventh – and most important – habit. Because it makes all the preceding ones possible. It preserves and enhances the greatest asset kitchen/bath profes- sionals have – themselves! It renews the four dimensions of human nature – physical, spiritual, mental and emo- tional. 'Sharpening the saw' is the term he ascribed to a balanced self-renewal. In his view, the single, most import- ant investment we can ever make in life is the one we make in ourselves. Because we are the 'instruments of our own performance.' LEAH: I'm interested in knowing more specifics about how you would set up a recommended annual edu- cation and renewal plan. But our time has come this time around, so let's cover that in our next column. ▪ Ken Peterson, CKD, is founder and president of the SEN Design Group, the industry's first buying and business development group. Leah Peterson joined her father at SEN in 2013 after a decade working in corporate sales and marketing; she is now the company's executive v.p. Representing both industry-specific and corporate business experienc- es, as well as different generational points of view, Peterson & Peterson address industry issues for KBDN in their quarterly column, NextGen Business Matters. The Petersons welcome comments, questions, or concerns, and can be reached by telephone at 1-800- 991-1711 or via email at (for Leah Peterson) or (for Ken Peterson). Underperforming ventilation fans not only expose occupants to unhealthy indoor air, they expose your business to unnecessary risk. Problems such as code compliance, warranty issues, callbacks, legal liability and loss of reputation, to name a few. A powerful Panasonic ventilation fan removes unhealthy air so you can deliver healthy homes that meet code every time. Get rid of your risks and your troubles with the Panasonic Installed Performance Promise. To find out how, visit Circle No. 16 on Product Card

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