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WH AT ' S N E XT F O R S U R FA C E S I N R E S I D E N T I A L I N T E R I O R S? WORLD LEADER IN SURFACING SHARES INSIGHTS Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces is among the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of innovative, high-performance surfaces, such as Quartz, Solid Surface, Cabinet Doors, High Pressure Laminate, Coordinated TFL and Edgebanding, and other surface innovations. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Wilsonart is continually developing next-generation products to meet the surfacing needs of discerning customers. Driven by a commitment to stay ahead of design trends, Wilsonart spends hundreds of hours each year researching and exploring the latest in advanced technology, design, and manufacturing capabilities. When asked what he believes is the future of surface trends in residential interiors, Chief Executive Officer Tim O'Brien shared, "Surfaces are going beyond beautiful design to bring superior performance and a variety of choices." Diving deeper into the topic of this must-have combination, Wilsonart demystifies how emerging residential design trends—and the surfaces that support them—can be achieved in your next project. Material Mixology is one of the hottest movements in interiors. Continuing to grow in popularity for kitchens and baths, Material Mixology is the method of mixing and layering materials or textures that allows homeowners and designers to blend their unique style preferences. Everywhere you look, there's a new pattern, texture or perspective. Thanks to the popularity of this trend, there are no limits to the possibilities for a space. With thousands of designs and a plethora of product options in their portfolio, Wilsonart claims "no other company can provide such a comprehensive, mixed-material solution." O'Brien also revealed that achieving an attractive mixed-material look can easily be done. "The key to a polished mixology design is being aware of which surfaces have the right performance and appearance for the right application. Wilsonart has dedicated around-the-clock resources to educate the market about the potential of new surface innovations that can make the design and decision-making process a breeze." MATERIAL MIXOLOGY + CUSTOMIZATION Some of the newest laminate innovations from Wilsonart include Traceless, a fingerprint-resistant technology perfect for high-touch areas such as cabinets and countertops, along with RE-COVER, a quick-fix, peel-and-stick laminate product that can be adhered directly on top of suitable substrates for a fresh look. A key component of Material Mixology, Customization is a trend that has become customary in residential environments. Not only are homeowners experimenting with a mix of surfaces, they are also discovering new ways to express their style with curated looks. To meet the needs of the custom market, Wilsonart's WilsonartXYou program allows homeowners the ability to develop a personalized laminate creation in four easy steps. For projects that require versatility, Wilsonart's Virtual Design Library offers a collection of more than 450 boutique laminate designs that can be manipulated in color or scale. "With new designs launching every quarter, our online boutique solutions give customers the ability to make every space unique," said O'Brien. Patterns featuring "cracked ice" looks and biophilic-inspired designs are just a few of the many choices Wilsonart offers. Laminate Inventive use of custom WXY pattern for stair risers. For more information on residential surfacing trends, visit ADVERTISEMENT

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