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AUG 2018

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SHOWER POWER One of the challenges for shower system manufacturers is delivering performance while meeting ever-increasing water restrictions. Fortunately for designers and homeowners (as well as conservation!), many are meeting it with diverse and interesting approaches. Hansgrohe's new PowderRain shower technol- ogy debuted at the Hospitality Design Expo and hit the U.S. market in July. "I do believe that it will be successful in that it makes the flow feel stronger while also saving water," IBT's Moch predicts. Being California-based, many of the showroom manager's clients have to comply with the state's toughest-in-the-nation codes. PowderRain uses micro-spray heads to deliver a feeling of abundance. "First-time users were pleasantly surprised that the PowderRain shower products were flowing at 1.8 gallons per minute [the forthcoming maximum flow rate in the California market]," commented Derek Taylor, product manager for showering at Hansgrohe USA. DPHA's Babbitt is a big fan, too. He says: "I love not only the pattern but the lack of sound involved when it is delivering water." TOTO and Kohler have also introduced showering systems with interesting flows this year. TOTO's G Series adds large water droplets to its Comfort Wave and offers a more intense Warm Spa concentrated stream. "These new showers address the wellness trend by offering consumers the opportunity to enjoy a spa-like experience in the comfort and pri- vacy of their own home," comments the brand's spokesperson, Lenora Campos, adding, "from a sustainability trend, these showers save water as they deliver a luxury showering experience." "The showerheads give a feeling of a warm bath in a shower," adds Moch about the Warm Spa concept. "It is a single pillar of water that runs from the showerhead. When the water hits the body, it envelops it without splashing and warms the body to the core. This feature is also available in hand showers," she notes. Kohler's Real Rain turned heads at design shows like ICFF this season. "The power of rain, from soft, gentle summer rain to drench- ing deluge, is undeniable in its ability to create a sense of peace, its ability to cleanse the environment and soul. This is what we wanted to bring into a showering experience," shares Raphael Rexach, the company's smart home design studio manager. LET THERE BE LIGHTS Several manufacturers are blending shower- heads with light and unique water flows. IBT's Moch points to Dornbracht's Sky and Nikles USA Showerheads. LEDs within showerheads were definitely a strong trend at Salone in Milan this year. The concept may have originat- ed with Hansgrohe's Axor Nendo LampShower. The new styles, though, are more recessed in nature, rather than making the fixture itself a design statement as Axor did. One "multi-sensory" product showcased in Milan was Dornbracht's Rainmoon, a shower- head with two rain-style flows and a soft glow from a lunar-inspired light fixture. The compa- ny's U.S. president, Ingolf Matthee, shares his thinking about this new release: The goal was to incorporate hydrotherapy features, but add an element of delight. "Why are we so focused on health elements only, when a spa visit can be fun? Here is where Rainmoon comes into play." LEDs are definitely not new within the steam shower category. That's where DPHA's Babbitt sees their presence most strongly: "Chromatherapy sales when someone is having a steam unit installed in their home have continually increased over the past three or four years," he comments. ThermaSol is one of the brands that has been playing in this space for more than a decade. The company introduced mood light TOTO's Comfort Wave adds sustainability to the rain head. DXV's 3D-printed Shadowbrook lav faucet takes its inspiration from water tumbling over a stream bed. Photo: TOTO Photo: DXV 40 Kitchen & Bath Design News • August 2018 TREND SPOTTING THE ONLY THING MASS PRODUCED IS THE BOX IT SHIPS IN Award-winning. Handcrafted. Solid brass. 30 finishes. Created one at a time, by hand, in California. See more at Circle No. 25 on Product Card

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