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JUL 2018

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Kesseböhmer's new Wastebin Pullout Push-to-Open kit uses SoftStopp technology to open the cabinet door softly and silently, even with full bins. This feature upgrades Kesseböhmer's Wastebin Pullout system to a seamless touch-to-open design. Circle No. 183 on Product Card Dropout Cabinet Fixtures now offers EZ Install versions of both the standard original Spice Rack/Storage System as well as the Wide Body version. The EZ Install version comes pre-installed in its own pre-finished maple housing. Both sizes are available in right-facing or left-facing configurations. Circle No. 184 on Product Card Osborne Wood Products offers a large cutting board that provides countertop protection and can be used with meats, fruits, vegetables and other foods. The board, which measures 16"x11.5" and is 1" thick, is fashioned from hard maple. Circle No. 185 on Product Card Häfele's 3rd generation LOOX LED lighting illuminates items such as kitchen drawers, cabinets and pantries. The LOOX 2037 Flexible Strip Light is available in warm and cool color temperatures, can be shortened in inch-sized increments and is entirely plug and play. Circle No. 186 on Product Card The DCM-PRO Floor Heating System from Warmup combines anti-fracture protection, floor heating and WiFi con- trols, and provides high heat outputs controlled by the MyWarmup app. The system is comprised of a castellated membrane, the DCM-PRO Cable and 4iE Smart Thermostat. Circle No. 187 on Product Card Elias Woodwork's floating shelves have a hollow core and are offered in various species, either raw, stained or painted. They come with a standard height of 2-½" and a depth of 10" or 12". The length can be customized up to 96". The shelves come with the backer board and brackets for easy mounting. Circle No. 188 on Product Card Custom-made shelf and drawer liners from ExactMats Home & Office are made of a phalate-free material that lays down flat, safeguarding cabinet surfaces and dampening noise. Each product is cut to size and arrives ready to install. Circle No. 190 on Product Card INDIVIDUALIZED ACCESSORIES Beyond storage considerations, kitchen accessories are as varied as the individuals and families who use them. Accessories are an easy way for designers to personalize the space for their clients, and the range of avail- able options means the possibilities are endless. From the need for extra power sources to specialized lighting, manufacturers see a wide variety of accessories on the rise. As people grow used to being constantly connected, digital products – and places to keep these charged – top the list of kitchen accessories. "I think you are seeing more and more items with technology being built in," says McPeek. As an example, she cites cabinets that have speakers and even tablets incorporated into their design. "At Rev-A-Shelf, we listen to the industry and design accessories that fill this need," she states. That means not only offering darker finishes, but also developing products that are easy to use, beautiful to look at, and that answer a need, she notes. "Years ago, a charging drawer would have been overlooked as a 'need,' but with all the electronic gadgets, they are being included in designs without a second glance," she points out. Peele says, "Accessible power options are in demand on every inch of usable space to create a more accommodating and more efficient work and living space." That means power hubs are turning up in un- expected places: in countertops, inside drawers and cabinets, or on the sides of islands. "These simple power additions can make all the differ- ence when it comes to hosting and food preparation," Peele maintains. Units that pop up from the countertop when needed, but hide away for a clean, uncluttered look when not in use, are becoming a popular alternative, he adds. In radiant heating and cooling, technology has allowed hydronic sys- tems to become more energy-efficient, Botten says. Technological advanc- es in equipment that includes heat pumps, condensing boilers, variable speed pumps and a smart thermostat with remote access capabilities have made radiant heating and cooling appealing to the tech-savvy user, says Botten. "However, they have also made radiant complicated and expen- sive. There are some radiant system companies and installers that are looking beyond the technology curtain and implementing other means to increase market share by using radiant panels. This does not mean floor and ceiling panels exclusively; the innovators are also taking advantage of radiant walls. These panel products tend to be more feasible to install in retrofit applications," he states. Interior lighting is another accessory showing up everywhere. "When consumers see lighted cabinetry, it's something that they don't want to live without," says Nauman. "Opening a drawer, pantry or cabinet and having it immediately light up adds 'wow' to the space. It's also conve- nient and functional." ▪ Built-in ironing centers from Iron-A- Way provide functionality in a small, discreet space. The units include an adjustable swivel ironing board, direct electrical, 46" or 42" board length, hot iron storage and a variety of door options to match existing decor. Circle No. 189 on Product Card 58 Kitchen & Bath Design News • July 2018 PRODUCT TREND REPORT

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