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JUL 2018

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Weidling agrees that quality and longevity are important factors. She also believes people are willing to spend money on something that is unique, as globalization and social media make it harder and harder to stand out. "People are willing to invest more when they know it's worth it. They spend more on designer statement pieces and are looking to save on basics. Handicraft products are also very popular, since people are seeking individuality and quality," she says. Value becomes a little more complex when talking about luxury acces- sories like radiant heating and cooling. Tim Botten, single family segment specialist for Uponor based in Apple Valley, MN says, "Most people who have lived with radiant will simply not do without it. The comfort expe- rience is that meaningful to the homeowner. Those who are new to the technology tend to have sticker shock." While homeowners are drawn to the new smart thermostat and app, Botten believes "the value that has the most importance is comfort. A sys- tem that is designed and installed properly will be able to operate without the occupants knowing it," he adds. STANDARD OPTIONS Much like how some of the options on vehicles that used to be upgrades now come standard – like power locks and windows – some interior fittings features that used to be optional are now considered standard, manufacturers say. Options like pull outs and soft-closing mechanisms are so popular they are now available at any price point, and often incor- porated automatically. "While we used to talk about soft-closing doors and drawers being an upgrade for your cabinetry, they are now the standard, or quickly becom- ing that way," says Fitzpatrick. "Of course, there are still the self-closing items, but if a consumer is educated in any way, they will ask for the soft-closing feature in their functional hardware. In our manufacturing operations, we consistently see the soft-close items outsell the self-closing items," she adds. "Just like consumers have come to expect a quieter dishwasher, soft-close drawers and doors are a must," agrees Smith. "Soft close has become the standard in mostly all cabinet lines. In fact, it is now expected in mid- to-high-end kitchens. Having the soft-close technol- ogy built into the runner or hinge cup makes installation quick and simple," she adds. Pull-out systems are also becoming common, particularly for waste bins and hard-to-reach spaces. "Pull-out waste bins such as the Häfele MX Waste Bin have now become a standard in today's kitchen," says Nauman. "Consumers can have one or two bins that pull out, keeping their trash concealed. We're seeing a similar trend with blind corner pull-outs." John Boos & Co.'s BBQ Bliss Cutting Boards are edge-grain constructed of natural, sustainable, hard rock maple, and are 1-¾" thick with a juice groove and recessed finger grips. These boards are available in round 12" diameter or 15" sizes or in square 12"x12" or 15"x15" sizes. All reverse to a flat cutting surface without a groove. Circle No. 168 on Product Card The InSinkErator Evolution PRO Series grinds more with less noise due to patented MultiGrind and SoundSeal technologies, notes the company. The top-of-the-line mod- el, Evolution PRO 1100XL, features three grind stages, an Auto-Reverse Grind System, a Jam Sensor circuit that detects and eliminates jams, and a 12-year warranty. Circle No. 167 on Product Card Rubbermaid Closet has taken on the trend of using complementary colors in the same space and paired neutral panels with woodgrains or solid colors. Ivory, White or Matte Gray panels can be paired with Dunbar Gray doors and drawers to bring a contemporary look to a traditionally simple closet space. Circle No. 170 on Product Card VintageView's Evolution wine- RODS can either be drilled into the sides of cabinets or mounted using holes in panels. The wineRODS can be configured in multiple patterns to fit different bottle sizes, and are available in Chrome and Satin Black. Circle No. 169 on Product Card Blum, Inc.'s ORGA-LINE, an orga- nizer for wooden drawers, includes the TANDEMBOX line. Designed to fit snugly in drawers, the organizer features stainless steel and nylon construction with flexible dividers and easy-to-clean removable trays. Circle No. 172 on Product Card Prep and Cutting Boards from Federal Brace are crafted from food-grade stainless steel with antibacterial and non-leach- ing properties. Resting feet are attached to the board to prevent movement and countertop damage. The stainless steel patinas over time to create a decorative sheen. Circle No. 171 on Product Card Omega National Products has released a line of turn-key floating shelves that are constructed of solid wood and wood veneer and available in ready-to-finish maple, cherry, alder, paint grade, red oak and hickory. The shelves are 2-1/2" thick by 10" deep or 12" deep, and are available in widths of 24", 30", 42", 48" or 54". Circle No. 174 on Product Card The Canister Pull-Outs by Century Components are designed to sit flush with the shelf to deliver plenti- ful utensil storage. Available in Solid Maple and Baltic Birch, the pull-outs are coated with a 60 sheen natural finish. They are available for 6", 9" and 12" openings and come stan- dard with Blum Tandem slides. Circle No. 173 on Product Card 56 Kitchen & Bath Design News • July 2018 PRODUCT TREND REPORT

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