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JUL 2018

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Rev-A-Shelf's 4SDI Spice Drawer Inserts, now available in walnut, are de- signed for 24" or smaller base cabinet drawers. The trim-to-fit insert features walnut construction with a satin finish, one rear storage compartment and up to three tiers for spices. Circle No. 159 on Product Card Knife Block Drawer Boxes and Knife Block Drawer Inserts from Keystone Wood Specialties are available accord- ing to specifications. The dovetailed drawer box can be ordered with the insert, or the insert can be ordered by itself. They come prefinished or unfin- ished, in any available wood species. Circle No. 160 on Product Card The No Wiggle 8" Utensil Bin Base Cabinet Pullout from Hardware Resources includes patented hardware that prevents the pullout from shifting. The base cabinet's top shelf holds four stainless steel bins, while the bottom shelf has chrome rails that ensure other kitchen equipment stays stowed. Circle No. 161 on Product Card Doug Mockett & Co. presents Pop-Up Kitchen Power, a power solution for kitchen countertops. This water-tight and GFCI-rated power solution can be pressed to pop up when needed and pressed down to hide away when finished. Circle No. 162 on Product Card In the radiant floor heating system from Uponor, warm water circulates beneath the floor through PEX tubing to warm the floor's surface. Radiant systems are compatible with any floor covering, including carpet, tile, hard- wood, linoleum, slate, bamboo, cork and even concrete. Circle No. 163 on Product Card Diamond Plate Non-Slip Mats are slip-resistant mats made of 100% recyclable polystyrene. Available from Peter Meier, Inc., the mats feature a natural rubber top layer that seals in spilled liquids and prevents them from seeping through into the cabinet. The mats are cut-to-size for a custom fit. Circle No. 165 on Product Card Organized Living Kitchen Organizers add space in pantries and kitchen cabinets, and range from Baskets to Shelf Risers and from Beverage Can Dispensers to Under-Shelf Baskets. These organizers are available in White and Nickel finishes to match the kitchen décor. Circle No. 166 on Product Card "It's important that every millimeter of space within a drawer be able to be utilized in some fashion," believes Jan Fitzpatrick, customer & market relations manager at Kernersville, NC-based Grass America Inc. This means that full-extension or full-access drawers are high on the list of "must haves," she says. "Space optimization continues to be an important factor in consider- ing remodel options, especially when you're dealing with tight quarters," states Billy Peele, marketing/PR representative for Doug Mockett & Co., Inc. in Manhattan Beach, CA. While opening up wall space that usually holds cabinetry can make a small space feel larger, storage needs must then be considered, he notes. "Your walls can be outfitted with shelf supports that still serve as a great way to store kitchen accessories and foodstuffs without overpowering your overhead space. Shelf supports are much more versatile than cabinetry since they can be installed anywhere." INTEGRATED FLOW When it comes to how fittings and accessories look, it's important that they're integrated with the look and feel of the cabinetry, manufacturers agree. "Seamless integration is the most basic requirement from an aesthetic standpoint, though it can often be one of the most difficult properties to achieve," Peele states. "A truly seamless design that blends with the design almost does its job a little too well – it's really a shame that its brilliance is not on full display. But that's the idea, that adding accessory options will not overpower the existing design and will add function to the furniture without calling attention to itself." With the increasing popularity of simple, modern kitchen styles, Smith sees plain styles and doors without handles on the rise. "Touch-to-open mechanisms, with either electronic or mechanical components, are the key element to achieve this look without compromising storage space," she notes. FUNCTIONAL VALUE Finding interior fittings and accessories that add real value is important to consumers, manufacturers say. Cost is a factor, but consumers are willing to pay more for what they really want – especially if those things will add convenience and efficiency to their kitchen. "Consumers don't want to spend money on things that are too trendy or flashy," believes Nauman. "They're willing to pay more for the functional aspects of their space, whether that be the proper hinge for their opening or an efficient pull-out to store their cooking needs. Something as simple as a spice rack can add enormous functionality to a kitchen." "The best investment is in quality goods that have a timeless, classic style," adds Peele. "Quality retrofit accessories like drawer pulls and cabinet handles will go a long way in adding value to your furniture as well, which is also an easier way to update furniture and give it new life without having to replace it." Custom Dovetail Drawer Boxes/ Pull-Outs from WalzCraft are made to order and are available in a variety of wood species, grades and finish options. Options such as scoops, ears or side panels can be added to create a customized storage solution. Circle No. 164 on Product Card July 2018 • 55

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