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JUL 2018

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a mirror can provide lighting from the side without casting shadows on a person's face. And since they are the jewelry of the space, people want them to be beautiful. "Luxury is really more about the finishes and the accents," she continues. "I just had a client spend $1,200 on a 4"x4" glass deco tile for her shower because it was beautiful. I also recently finished a contemporary master bath for a single man. It has white walls and very dark, kind of metallic tile on the floor that extends into the steam shower. It's really very masculine, and it's gorgeous." For Rachaman, luxurious touches often include large showers, ample enough to freely move about in, with beauti- ful tile and inlays. When a tub is included, it's often a free- standing model accented with a freestanding filler. Lighting, including an abundance of natural illumination via large windows and side lighting offered by sconces or pendants, is also important to his clients. "People want a bright, well lit bathroom," he says. "Another element I've been including a lot lately is a beautiful pendant or chandelier to accent the middle of the room and provide a nice ambiance to the space." When budgets allow, McMahon likes to include steam as a luxurious add-on feature for her clients. "It feels great and it's relaxing," she says. "Plus, it's good for your skin. We live in a very dry environment here and it allows your body to absorb some moisture in a different way than just standing under the water. It is more expensive upfront, but it's a great way for my clients to take care of themselves and get ready for their busy days. And…it's a great way to save water, too, since it uses such a small amount of water." Some of Pentic's clients are also incorporating steam into their showers, not only as a way to save water, but also as a way to take advantage of its health benefits. "I also like to include towel warmers and heated floors," she adds. "And, if there is enough space, I like to bring in a piece of furniture. I'm working on a fairly large bath right now that will include a freestanding tub with a bench next to it. I also added steam to the shower and shelves where she can set candles or a glass of wine. All of these things can help create a luxury bath…without requiring a lot of water." ▪ More efficient and compartmentalized storage is also popu- lar with Grubbs' clients, as are vanities that resemble a piece of furniture as opposed to simply a bathroom cabinet. "We're finally catching up with Europe in regards to customizing storage for a person's lifestyle," he says, noting a trend toward electrical outlets and charging stations in drawers. "L uxury doesn't have to be expensive. Instead, it's about an experience…one that can be achieved on many dif- ferent budgets." Wiley's clients are also looking at storage as a way to ele- vate their bath spaces. "The luxury we've been doing lately has less to with plumb- ing and more to do with storage," she says. "We're doing more towers and drawers instead of doors to make sure everyone has a place for all of their stuff so the bathroom stays neat and clean with a more spa-like feel." Luxury is also about an abundance of lighting and beauti- ful finishes, such as tile, she adds. "Many of my clients want to age in place," Wiley notes, adding that, as people mature, good lighting can help accom- modate for vision deficits. "Sconces on the wall or through This bath, designed by Neil Kelly Co., illustrates how designers incorporate elements such as tile to make a bath feel luxurious while maintaining an eye toward water conservation with the use of a min- imal number of showerheads. Abundant, easily accessible storage is another luxury that helps make a bath feel special without focusing on water, as seen in this bath design by Nadja Pentic. Photo: Neil Kelly Co. Photo: Olga Soboleva 52 Kitchen & Bath Design News • July 2018 ECO-CONSCIOUS BATH

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