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JUL 2018

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LUXURY WITHOUT WATER While there's no denying that water can positively affect the feeling of a master bath, making the space feel luxurious isn't always about the water. "I think 10 or 15 years ago, everyone wanted an effect similar to what they would experience at a spa with jets, body sprays and large volumes of water," says Grubb. "The design changes we're experiencing now are about bringing in more luxury elements that emphasize the spa effect without an excess or abundance of water." As such, he is turning to elements like natural stone, including marble and limestone, and quartz to add that luxurious touch. "We've been using natural materials on counters and floors, but now we're also seeing them on walls as features," he says. example, there are some faucets I can't sell to clients now because they haven't been configured to allow for the lesser flow rates. "But the biggest change I've seen is an ongoing conver- sation about whether or not a master suite should have a tub," she continues. "A lot of remodels I've been doing have a smaller shower with an old, huge platform with a set-in tub that doesn't get used because people are busy and the water gets cold. Now there is a transition to a smaller tub space – or no tub – and a much nicer, more luxurious shower space." That evolution not only makes better use of the space, but it also saves water, she notes. "In terms of not having a tub, a bit of it is about water savings because less water is used in a shower than in a tub," she says. "People are definitely taking water savings more seriously and, more often than not, it enters into the conversation." Even though there are no limitations for body sprays or shower- heads, as long as each flows at 2 gpm or less, Jenifer Wiley's clients are still cognizant of water usage. Chenille White limestone floor tiles, countertops and shower walls elevate this space, as do the custom cabinets. In this master bath, a freestanding air tub adds a bit of luxury related to water, but Jenifer Wiley also made the space feel luxurious by using exotic Blue Bahia granite for the countertop and shower inset. Photos: J. May Photography July 2018 • 51

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