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JUL 2018

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One thing Rachaman doesn't see is an abundance of show- erheads and body sprays. "It's usually either a hand shower and a fixed shower or a rainhead," he says. "Some clients also just do a hand shower only because it's easy for cleaning, but I haven't had, in probably the past three years, anyone request any type of body spray or jet. There is a consciousness that people don't really need that much water." Jenifer Wiley, J Wiley Designs, in Dallas, TX, is also seeing a definite change in her clients' attitudes about water, even without strict mandates. "We don't have any restrictions against the use of body sprays and multiple showerheads," she says, noting they do need to adhere to a flow rate of 2 gpm or less per fixture. "But there is a mind shift happening here where people just don't want it all anymore. They have become aware of water conser- vation. Ten to 15 years ago, everybody wanted what I call the 'car wash effect.' It was new and interesting. But now the gener- al consensus seems to be that they won't use it all so they don't need it all. Occasionally someone will want all the bells and whistles, but for the most part, p eople want one, maybe two fix- tures and they are pretty content with that. Generally, that will be a showerhead and a handheld, or maybe two showerheads and a handheld if it's a large shower. But they don't anticipate them all being on at the same time. In a bigger custom home, I might include a rainhead, two showerheads and a handheld, but again, no one really uses them all at the same time." People are self-limiting themselves, she continues, noting an overall vibe of 'less is more' when it comes to water. "They are aware of the waste," she says. "It's interesting, most of my clients can afford [the extras], but they just don't want them." For Donna McMahon, AKBD/CLIPP/owner, KE Interior Solutions, in Denver, CO, regulations are just beginning to have an impact on specifications related to water. "We have had some changes recently that are affecting some of the selections people might make," she says. "For As a way to save water as well as space, Donna McMahon often removes tubs in her remodeling projects, including this one for clients who wanted to make updates so they could age in place. The designer added the extra square footage to the show- er, which is now easier for the couple to access. She also included two showerheads, each with its own control. An abundance of lighting and beautiful finishes are among the 'non-water' luxury items that can enhance an upscale bath, as seen in this space designed by Donna McMahon. Photos: Muntz Studios 50 Kitchen & Bath Design News • July 2018 ECO-CONSCIOUS BATH

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