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JUL 2018

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At its most basic level, the focus of any master bathroom is all about water. But even when there's a shortage of it, designers are finding ways to address the challenges to create spaces that function without sacrificing performance or beauty. BY KIM BERNDTSON Water-Saving Luxury iven the fact that the earth's surface is covered by hun- dreds of trillions of gallons of water, it may not seem like water savings would be much of a concern when designing master bathrooms. However, since only a small fraction of that water is actually usable, its value becomes inherently clear. Its importance gains even greater signifi- cance in arid regions and areas hit hard by extended periods of drought, such as in California where regulations now make saving water mandatory for its residents. Yet even in locations where water is scarce, designers are finding ways to incorporate water savings that maintain performance and function while creating luxurious spaces that are, at their most basic level, all about water. In many cases, saving it is such an integral part of what designers do that it oftentimes goes undetected and happens without fanfare. "Water savings is just part of what we do," says Christopher Grubb, president, Arch-Interiors Design Group, in Beverly Hills, CA. "Los Angeles has been in a drought for years and California as a whole is incredibly conscious of water conser- vation. We understand its value as a resource and we have a realization that there can be major problems associated with not having enough." G 46 Kitchen & Bath Design News • July 2018 ECO-CONSCIOUS BATH

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