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JUL 2018

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Read past columns and features and send us your comments about this article and others at "misleading" them. I get where they're com- ing from, too. Many of these users uploaded their photos to Houzz, only to find out that their photos are being used to sell product, are featured in blog posts and are used in oth- er advertising that they weren't aware of. We all work really hard to create the designs we want and it seems totally unfair that Houzz would do this. I get it. The crux of their argument is Houzz didn't tell them what they were doing. Sure, Houzz's slogan isn't, "We're going to use all of your stuff to sell against and make money from it." But if you read the Terms of Service, this is all spelled out. Houzz has given itself such broad rights that you need to imagine the worst and hope for the best. To those who are upset by this after that fact, I am truly sorry for you, but this certainly is a case of "buyer beware." Remember, you did agree to the terms. In a few cases, designers who feel jilted by what Houzz has done with their content have reached out to them and had situations corrected. Let's not forget that Houzz is in the business of keeping designers happy, too. Before you think that I'm telling you that we all have no choice to agree with terms of services, you should be aware that there is change happening. In fact, just a few months ago, Facebook was brought in front of Congress and questioned heavily for misusing and misrepresenting how it handles users' data. In Europe, GDPR just went into effect, which gives people some rights over their data and puts limitations on what can be done with it. Here's what I want you all to take away from this: Your data is incredibly valuable and you should treat it as such. I believe that educating yourself on what you're giving up in return for an online service is very important. I make the choice every day to give up data. In most cases, I'm very happy with the return I get from that transaction. If you're thinking of using an online service such as Houzz, Twitter or any of the other ones, I implore you to read and understand your rights. Educating yourself can help you make an informed transaction and, if you think something isn't fair, that knowledge will help you speak up. Remember, while you may be the product, these services don't exist without users like you. ▪ Eric Schimelpfenig, AKBD, has been an innovator in design and 3-D technology for many years. He has worked with KraftMaid, Google, Masco and many other prominent companies in the kitchen and bath industry teaching Google Sketchup, speaking about technology and writing about innovations in technology. He was also named one of Kitchen & Bath Design News' Top 50 Innovators for 2017. July 2018 • 25 Contact our Designer Concierge • 800-295-8498 Karr Bick Kitchen & Bath, St. Louis, MO Looking for originality? You've found it. Midcentury modern, retro or Victorian. With chrome, nickel or copper trim; each custom-built Elmira appliance is true to its era, while offering the performance and convenience of the most modern appliances. A splash of vintage inspiration, or a full vintage kitchen. Custom colors available. Be bold. Stand out. Circle No. 14 on Product Card Circle No. 15 on Product Card

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